Manufacturing Job Skills

Manufacturing Job Skills Training

Accelerated Job Training,
Professional Development

Offered through Accelerated Job Training

@ Florissant Valley | Center for Workforce Innovation

This program prepares you for entry level employment and teaches skills to help you more rapidly advance your career in the manufacturing industry. Using meaningful, relatable experiences, your knowledge will be developed through classroom learning, industry tours and hands-on projects.

Program Coordinator

Gloria Booker




Classes start again in the summer, 8 a.m.-2:30 p.m., Monday through Friday

Prepare yourself with a balance of both the technical know-how and the ever-important soft skills employers seek for effective manufacturing productivity and employee advancement.

This program will help you to...

  • Develop skills and learn success strategies for WorkKeys testing
  • Learn how to exhibit qualities, attitudes and ambitions that employers seek:
    • Foundational work ethic skills to bring your A-game to work
    • Collaboration in team environments
    • Effective communication of ideas, frustrations and suggestions
  • Build a valuable base of manufacturing know-how:
    • Measurements, drawings and blueprints
    • Quality and safety
    • Manufacturing process from raw materials to production to packaging
    • 5S inspection checklist using Lean manufacturing principles
    • Manufacturing business metrics

The program is divided into two learning sections:

Tier I Learning:

This section of the training focuses heavily on the following:

  • Essential Skills:
    digital literacy, financial literacy, WorkKeys remediation and full WorkKeys assessments
  • Job Readiness:
    soft skills training that include attitude, accountability, acceptance, appreciation and more
  • Career Planning:
    an introduction to manufacturing (is it right for you?), interview skills and resume writing

Tier II Learning:

This section expands on the topics covered in Tier I and also includes:

  • Career Pathway Skills:
    safety, manufacturing processes tools & expectations, measurement; includes industry tours and hands-on projects

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