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The Access Point program offers a great opportunity for high school students who are interested in a career in technology. It provides dual enrollment coursework at STLCC, followed by a paid apprenticeship and job guarantee. It also offers mentorship and connections to community services, as well as connections to companies offering health insurance, 401k, and tuition reimbursement for a bachelor's degree.

What Makes the Access Point Program Different?

  • Applicants are guaranteed a job. Previous participants have apprenticeships at companies including, but not limited to: EverNorth (Cigna), Edward Jones, Mastercard, Bayer, Ameren and more.
  • Access Point’s HyperCare provides wraparound services to support the participants along the path. Mentors and connections with community services help keep students from getting derailed by unexpected circumstances. HyperCare services continue while the participants are in their new position and as they attain their college degree.

Want to Apply for Access Point?

To start the application process, fill out Access Point's Student Interest Form. Access Point will interview all applicants for the program. High school students who are chosen to participate in the program, students then enroll in STLCC dual enrollment courses. The Access Point Program continues to support participants after high school graduation, offering HyperCare services throughout their apprenticeship and as they pursue an undergraduate degree.

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Have Questions?

Please contact Bill Mitchell by calling 314-200-2052.

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