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Longbow Academic Readiness Accelerator

Accelerated Job Training

@ Florissant Valley | Forest Park | Online

Aim high and travel far with a fast, free pathway into college and career training that offers personalized attention and nationally recognized credentials upon completion.

The Longbow Academic Readiness Accelerator program is a smart, no-cost way to begin your college experience.

In just 4-16 weeks, our instructors get you on your way toward coursework and training that really counts toward your career goals.

Longbow offers a comfortable lab setting where you can work one-on-one with instructors in a small group. You’ll have the opportunity to move through the curriculum at a pace that’s right for you, advancing quickly through material you’ve already mastered or taking more time with a topic.

In addition to specific test preparation assistance, you can receive valuable help with test-taking strategies, general study skills, note taking and time management. STLCC advisors and Longbow staff will guide you quickly from the program into your chosen coursework. No matter where you’re headed, upon completion of Longbow, you’ll be able to take a nationally-recognized WorkKeys certification with you.

Did you know…

Longbow helps students save time, tuition and Pell grant dollars. A quick investment of time and effort can yield great results!


Frequently Asked Questions

Longbow Academic Readiness Accelerator is most commonly referred to as just Longbow. Longbow is a smart, no-cost way to begin or continue your college experience.

No. If you are placed into developmental education coursework, you are eligible for Longbow.

You are finished when you are ready for your next step, whatever that may be. We do not assign grades; rather, we measure competency.

However long it takes! Our goal is to have you ready before your next step begins, whether that next step is a credit course, an accelerated training program, or employment.

No. Longbow is a non-credit course.

There is currently no cost to participate.

You'll need a pen, pencil and paper. A three-ring binder and a spiral notebook are helpful. Highlighters for literacy. No textbooks required.

No. You can set your schedule within the available time slots. The Longbow supervisor will assist you in creating a schedule. Often, students will combine working independently with working with instructors, depending on need, preference, and other commitments.

Yes. We have four complete Accuplacer practice tests and a full suite of WorkKeys lessons, practices, and tests.

WorkKeys is an assessment used by employers and job training programs to determine workplace readiness. Benchmark scores on WorkKeys provide national certification.

You can choose math and/or literacy. Reading and English (literacy) are integrated to some extent, which may mean you’re asked to do both even if you’re focused on just one. If we have reached capacity, preference will be given to students who need both math and literacy.

We offer math and literacy at the Florissant Valley campus and at the Forest Park campus.

Math instruction is available in person on Mondays and Wednesdays. Limited virtual hours for math are available on Monday and Wednesday evenings as well as on Friday mornings. Literacy is available in person on Tuesdays and Thursdays. We try to offer as much flexibility as possible. All hours are subject to staff availability.

All that is required is a conversation with the Longbow supervisor, Mat Favre. He will register you for the class and answer any other questions you have.
Office phone: 314-513-4996
Email: mfavre@stlcc.edu

ACCUPLACER® is a trademark registered by the College Board, which is not affiliated with, and does not endorse, this program.

ACT® WorkKeys® is a registered trademark of ACT, Inc.

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