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We have pet training and cutting-edge animal care information that will promote the healthy and enjoyable lifelong relationship both pet and owner will enjoy for years. Explore care for puppies, dog training, understanding cats and the Animal Welfare Assistant program.

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 Pet First Aid

If you own a pet, it's important to know how to approach an injured animal and how to give basic first aid. Protect yourself and your pet from further harm, injury, or suffering during emergencies by learning prompt, effective actions that will safeguard the life of your injured pet until you can get him/her to professional veterinary care. Do not bring your pet to class.
ANIM:702 | $29 | Age 60+: $24
F01 | Sa 9:30-11:30 a.m. | Dorene Olson | Oct. 20 | MC - SO, 206

NEW! Get the Squawk on Living with Parrots

Did you know that parrots taste with the roof of their mouths? Or that parrot feathers contain antibacterial pigments? Or that pet parrots can live to be between 25 and 50 years of age, depending upon the species? With around 372 different parrot species to choose from, choosing a bird can be overwhelming. This thorough class will outline breeds and their special needs, how and where to acquire a parrot should you choose to buy or rescue, beginning and basic training, the importance of diet and veterinary care, how to find a veterinarian and boarding facility, the importance of cage space and set up, the essentials of family interaction and time requirements, introducing and managing parrots and other pets, what to do if your parrot gets lost, fun with tricks and games and social visits out with your parrot, and so much more.
ANIM:715 | $19 | Age 60+: $14
F01 | W 6:30-8:30 p.m. | Dorene Olson | Sept. 26 | MC - SO, 205

Puppy Kindergarten

You can raise a happy, well-adjusted and confident puppy through socialization, basic commands and manners training. In this class, you'll learn leadership, grooming skills and behavioral problem-solving. Completion of all six classes qualifies you and your puppy to take the AKC S.T.A.R. Puppy Test on the sixth week. (STAR: Socialization, Training, Activity, Responsibility). Successful completion of the test enables you to send for an AKC STAR Puppy Certificate and Medallion. Puppies must be 9 weeks to 1 year old and have 2 series DHLPP and Bordetella immunizations. Proof of vaccinations required. Bring puppy to first class. Supply list will be emailed.
ANIM:703 | $129 | Age 60+: $111.50
F01 | Sa 9:30-11 a.m. | Susan Baxter-Carr | Aug. 18-Sept. 29 | RiverChase of Fenton
NOTE: No class 9/1.

Canine Good Citizen

The Canine Good Citizen (CGC) Program is designed to reward dogs who have good manners both at home and in the community. Class instruction is for all 10 parts of the CGC Test. Dog must be at least six months old and have basic obedience skills. Proof of vaccinations required. Bring dog (and water bowl) to first class. Successful completion of the test qualifies dog for a CGC patch (available for purchase separately). Supply list will be emailed.
ANIM:706 | $99 | Age 60+: $86
F07 | Sa 11 a.m.-noon | Susan Baxter-Carr | Oct. 6-Nov. 17 | RiverChase of Fenton
NOTE: No class 11/10.

Dog Training: Basic Skills and Manners for the Family Dog

Do you walk your dog or does your dog walk you? If your time is limited and your budget won't spare the expense of private lessons, this is the perfect alternative! This course in basic skills and manners will give you and your dog a good introduction to beginning obedience commands over a period of six weeks. Accomplish your training goals quickly and start getting those behavior problems under control. Topics also touch on basic grooming, vaccinations, flea/tick control and traveling in the car. Bring your questions! Dog must be at least six months old and proof of vaccinations is required. Bring dog (and water bowl) to first class. Supply list will be emailed.
ANIM:706 | $129 | Age 60+: $111.50
F06 | Sa 9:30-11 a.m. | Susan Baxter-Carr | Oct. 6-Nov. 17 | RiverChase of Fenton
NOTE: No class 11/10.

Dog Training: Advanced Basics I

Beyond the Basics is more advanced skills training class for dogs who have already completed basic training in an instruction-based class setting. Through class-work, games, and homework, you will train your dog to obey hand signals as well as voice commands, such as: heel without pulling; sit or down stay with you in, then out of the room; off-lead recalls from a distance; and pay attention to you and not distractions. This class uses the Positive Reinforcement and Praise method of dog training. Dogs must have current vaccinations. Pets must have successfully completed prior in-class instruction. Practice at home a must. Supply list will be emailed.
ANIM:706 | $99 | Age 60+: $86
F04 | Sa 11 a.m.-noon | Susan Baxter-Carr | Aug. 18-Sept. 29 | RiverChase of Fenton
NOTE: No class 9/1.

Dog Training: Advanced Basics II

The Advanced II training class is for dogs who have already completed Advanced I (formerly Beyond the Basic Skills Class). Using positive reinforcement and praise, class instruction, and homework, you will move onto to the next level of dog training. In this class, you will continue distraction work and using voice commands paired with hand signals while also working on off-lead heeling and recalls, out-of-sight sits and downs, and incorporating open and utility exercises for variation. Prerequisite: Advanced Basics I or equivalent. Dogs must be dog friendly. Dogs must have vaccinations (Rabies, Bordetella, DHLPP or your vet's recommendation and Titers). Practice at home is essential. Supply list will be emailed.
ANIM:706 | $99 | Age 60+: $86
F05 | W 7-8 p.m. | Susan Baxter-Carr | Oct. 3-Nov. 7 | RiverChase of Fenton

DogSports K9 Nose Work, Level I: An Introduction to Odor

Dogs see the world through their noses. This sport is designed to develop your dog's remarkable sense of smell and natural scenting abilities by using their desire to hunt and their love of treats, toys, and exercise. It is a great way for your dog to build confidence and burn both mental and physical energy while having fun. If your dog has a nose, it can play this K9 Nose Work game. Bring your dog and learn together how to play this fun, new sport with our certified instructor. It's fun for both of you! Dogs must be at least 6 months old with current immunizations. Bring soft treats your dog likes (with a distinct scent), a 6-foot leash (no reels) plus flat collar (no choke collars) or harness, and crate or kennel for your pet. If you prefer to attend without your dog, see ANIM 706 F03 for a discount.
ANIM:706 | $109 | Age 60+: $94.50
F02 | W 7:30-8:30 p.m. | Sandra Ellison | Aug. 15-Sept. 19 | RiverChase of Fenton

DogSports K9 Nose Work, Level I: Intro to Odor (Without the Dog)

This class is the same as ANIM:706 F02, but without the dog. You are welcome to register to attend for yourself, to learn and watch and do the exercises with your dog at home.
ANIM:706 | $79 | Age 60+: $79
F03 | W 7:30-8:30 p.m. | Sandra Ellison | Aug. 15-Sept. 19 | RiverChase of Fenton

DogSports K9 Nose Work, Level II: Exterior Hides and Vehicle Searches

If you and your dog loved our DogSports K9 Nose Work course, you'll love the new challenges presented in these follow-up sessions. This Level II course will introduce new elements used in trials, though competition is not the goal or a requirement. Class will be held outdoors (weather permitting) and will include both exterior "hides" and vehicle searches. The trainer will also work on your ability to read your dog. These new search areas will be both challenging and more exciting for the dog and handler. Give your sniff-loving canine new skills. Prerequisite: Dogs must have successfully completed the beginning (Level I) K9 Nose Work course. Supply list will be emailed.
ANIM:706 | $109 | Age 60+: $94.50
F01 | W 6-7 p.m. | Sandra Ellison | Aug. 15-Sept. 19 | RiverChase of Fenton

NEW! Strut Your Mutt: Activities and Sports for Any Dog

Whether you have a blue blooded purebred or the best Heinz 57, this class is for you! This class covers topics from competition courses for titles to fun games and activities that you can do with your dog, young or old. We will discuss field activities such as lure coursing and barn hunts, champion opportunities from tricks to conformation show dogs, athletic opportunities like agility tracking/nose work and flyball, and even something for the couch potatoes and lap dogs. This course will also cover service dogs such as seeing eye dogs and assistance dogs, and how you can bring aid and comfort to others by training your pet to become a therapy dog or learner helper for those with various disabilities. We will also discuss search and rescue (SAR) dogs, the Canine Good Citizen (CGC) award and Temperament Test program. You will learn how to find activities near you, what qualifications your dogs may need, and how to manage multiple venues with the same dog. Do not bring your dog to class.
ANIM:765 | $19 | Age 60+: $14
F01 | Sa 9:30-11:30 a.m. | Oct. 6 | MC - SO, 108

Cats: Understanding Them Better

Does your cat have you curious and wondering? Join us for an informative evening designed just for cat owners. Our veterinarian will discuss the development, health, and behavior of domestic cats with emphasis on why cats behave as they do, how you might train a cat and the health care of your pet. If you have specific cat-troubles, whether it involves furniture scratching, conflicts in multi-pet households, feeding concerns, or litter box problems, bring your questions. You'll understand your pet much better after this helpful session.
ANIM:710 | $29 | Age 60+: $20
F01 | W 6:30-9:30 p.m. | Gerald Williams | Sept. 12 | Kirkwood Sr. HS

 Animal Welfare Assistant Program

The following courses are designed for initial training and preparation for work in a range of public and private animal welfare agencies and organizations. Classes may be taken individually or as part of the Animal Welfare Assistant Program. To learn more, call 314-984-7777.

Animal Welfare: Animal Welfare and the Humane Movement

There are different facets of "animal welfare," and the work of these types of agencies in the St. Louis metro area are built on different viewpoints. In this class, you'll get insight into the history of the animal welfare/humane movement in the United States and where we are today. We'll also trouble-shoot community animal welfare needs and possible solutions. Course meets requirements of Animal Welfare Assistant Program.
ANIM:741 | $29 | Age 60+: $26
F01 | Tu 6-8:30 p.m. | Sept. 18 | MC - SO, 105

Animal Welfare: Getting to Know Us: St. Louis Animal Welfare Organizations

St. Louis has many large and small organizations of all types involved in animal welfare activities, such as rescues and shelters, adoptions, pet food pantries, emergency and investigation teams, clinics, advocacy groups and more. They all have different roles, approaches and ways of operating but it takes everyone in the community to meet the needs of our local animals. The good news is that there are a wide range of animal welfare-related activities in the St Louis metro area and opportunities for involvement for people with a variety of interests and skills (like you!). A panel of representatives from local agencies will present their stories and answer your questions. Course meets requirements of Animal Welfare Assistant Program.
ANIM:741 | $29 | Age 60+: $26
F02 | Tu 6-8:30 p.m. | Oct. 23 | MC - SO, 105

Animal Welfare: Investigations, Rescues, Legalities and Legislative Issues in Animal Welfare

Here's your chance to hear first-hand accounts from the real world of animal welfare investigations and rescues. You'll find out how investigators work and how animal welfare agencies and the law handle violations. You'll learn about the legal issues (how does our society define "adequate care and control" of animals?) as well as advocacy and legislation related to animal welfare. Course meets requirements of Animal Welfare Assistant Program.
ANIM:741 | $29 | Age 60+: $26
F03 | Tu 6-8:30 p.m. | Nov. 13 | MC - SO, 105

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