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Develop the way you communicate - both verbally and nonverbally - for optimized interactions.

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Classes offered in-person may be rescheduled, canceled or transitioned to an online format based on COVID-19 guidelines. Students are required to follow COVID-19 guidelines for classroom participation, which may include, but is not limited to, use of masks and social distancing requirements. For the latest requirements, review STLCC’s COVID-19 Information page.

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No Sweat Public Speaking

Speaking opportunities are business, career and leadership opportunities! Are you making the most of those speaking moments? Overcome your fear of public speaking with help from a local speaker, coach and author. Develop, practice and deliver knock-your-socks-off presentations with no sweat! Learn the components, parts and elements of a presentation. Master the tips to take your presentation from “blah” to “ah!”
COMM-715 | 3 sessions | $31.50 AGE 60+ | $49 REG
S01 Tu 6:30-8:30 p.m. | Fred Miller
May 25-June 8 | Online

Nonverbal Communication: How to Speak and Listen Without Words

Explore the extraordinary amount of information provided through nonverbal communication. Enhance your communication skills, avoid miscommunication and become a better communicator overall. Uncover how a simple movement or facial expression can completely contradict the message you are trying to get across. Understand how to identify, interpret and use basic nonverbal cues to improve your communication skills.
COMM-711 | 2 sessions | $27 AGE 60+ | $39 REG
S01 Tu 6:30-8:30 p.m. | Erin De Vore
June 1-8 | MC-SO 205

Communication Skills for Personal Empowerment

Conflicts are often caused by poor communications. Conversely, successful personal, social and business relationships are built on good communication. Learn a framework (two rules and the three components) of good communications. Discover how to empower yourself through personal responsibility, proper body language, and assertiveness. Bring your biggest communication challenges to class and receive personal attention and help with problem solving them.
COMM-765 | 2 sessions | $75 AGE 60+ | $75 REG
S03 Tu 6:30-8:30 p.m. | Jean Walters
June 1-8 | STLCC-Corp 207

NEW! Communicating in a Crisis: COVID-19 Edition

Tackle your problems before they become a crisis! Develop your speaking skills and ease communication with friends, family, and colleagues during this stressful time. Discover what a crises management plan is, what information it typically contains, and how you can create and use your own plan to communicate effectively in the midst of a global pandemic.
COMM-765 | 1 session | $25 AGE 60+ | $35 REG
S01 Sa 10 a.m.-1 p.m. | Joyce Nganga
June 12 | Online

Introduction to Voiceover

Have you been told you have a great speaking voice? Learn how to get started in the voiceover acting industry! Learn from a sixteen-year veteran who has worked for NBC, ABC, PBS, HGTV, Nintendo, Saturday Night Live, Walmart and The Wendy Williams Show. He’ll share insights on the right voice for success, if making a living in voiceover work is feasible, ways to find work, tips to land an agent, and how to produce a demo. Most importantly, a Q&A session will address any basic questions you may have about how the voiceover industry works.
COMM-765 | 1 session | $49 AGE 60+ | $49 REG
S04 Sa 2-3:30 p.m. | Jason Rooney
June 12 | FP-C 221
S05 Sa 2-3:30 p.m. | Jason Rooney
July 10 | MC-CN 128

NEW! Communicating in a Diverse Environment

Our differences can complicate how we communicate with one another casually and professionally. Uncover how gender, sexual orientation, race, religion, organizational culture, and age shape the way we communicate. Discover how to overcome these barriers and improve communication in your personal and professional life.
COMM-765 | 1 session | $25 AGE 60+ | $35 REG
S02 Sa 10 a.m.-1 p.m. | Joyce Nganga
July 17 | Online

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