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Bringing Out the Best in People and Managing the Conflicts

Effectively managing people in an organization leads to outstanding individual performances and great organizational performance. Through interactive activities, you’ll learn how to identify and address behavioral causes of performance challenges, as well as maximize success of current strong performers. You’ll discover how to pinpoint key business results and significant behaviors that impact results. In addition, you’ll be able to provide objective, positive and constructive feedback to bring out the best in others.
BUSN:745 | 1 session | $30 AGE 60+ | $39 REG

Listening Beyond the Words: Building Communication Skills

Ineffective listening can block the success of any business. Are you hearing your customers’ needs and desires? Are your relationships with colleagues and co-workers harmonious? Learn to build skills that enhance your working and personal relationships. Class will focus on the fundamentals of effective listening and eliminating defensiveness in the communication process. Discover blocks hindering good listening, build positive interaction, in-depth listening skills and appropriate feedback. Lunch on your own.
BUSN:713 | 1 session | $45.50 AGE 60+ | $69 REG 

No Sweat Public Speaking

Speaking opportunities are business, career and leadership opportunities! Are you making the most of those speaking moments? Learn how to develop, practice and deliver knock-your-socks-off presentations with no sweat! Learn the components, parts and elements of a presentation along with tips to take your presentation from “blah” to “ah.” Overcome your fear of public speaking. Class taught by a local speaker, coach and author.
COMM:715 | 3 sessions | $31 AGE 60+ | $49 REG


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