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NEW! Superhero Cinema: Caped Crusaders on Screen

Enter the multiverse of mighty heroes and menacing villains as we explore how the four-color fun of comic book heroes has inspired some of the most exciting, iconic and influential movies in American history. Learn the cinematic secrets of Batman, Spider-Man, Wonder Woman, Wolverine, Black Panther, Captain Marvel and many more in this multimedia survey of what has become one of the world’s favorite genres.
CLTR:704 | 1 session | $11.50 AGE 60+ | $19 REG
P01 Tu 6-9 p.m. | Daniel Yezbick
March 3 | FP-T, 104

NEW! Read All About It!: A Midwife’s Memoir

Explore the memoir of Jennifer Worth, author of “The Midwife: A Memoir of Birth, Joy and Hard Times (The Midwife Trilogy),” series of books developed into one of PBS’ most popular series, “Call The Midwife.” Come read about and discuss the culture of the time periods in her books and how it has evolved into what society is today. Receive the book to read sections of in class and then take home. Cost of book included in class fee.
CLTR:705 | 1 session | $14 AGE 60+ | $19 REG
P01 Sa 10 a.m.-noon | Jacqueline Mink
March 14 | FV-C, 104

NEW! Message Music: Five Decades of Protest Songs and Their Influence

Join us for a generations-spanning march through the music of debate, dissent and deconstruction as we survey some of American history’s most vehement songs, poems, and sounds of change, hope and action. Learn the historical context and individual inspirations behind many favorites and learn about some tunes, too! Picket signs optional.
CLTR:706 | 1 session | $11.50 AGE 60+ | $19 REG
P01 Tu 6-9 p.m. | Daniel Yezbick
March 24 | FP-T, 203

Is Everything Really Getting Worse?

In the U.S. and around the world it seems societal challenges like crime, terrorism, poverty, inequality, wars, prejudice, health, the environment, education, immigration, political systems and moral values are getting worse. But are they really? Should we be pessimistic about the future or optimistic? Will our children and grandchildren inherit a world of even greater challenges than we experienced? This class will present facts (not feelings or personal observations) so that you can come to your own conclusion through sound reasoning. You may be quite surprised at the outcome.
CLTR:703 | 2 sessions | $16.50 AGE 60+ | $29 REG
P01 Tu 7-9 p.m. | Jan Worley
March 24-31 | WW, 204

NEW! A Transgender Experience: A Comprehensive Discussion

Explore concepts that illuminate the complexities of gender identity. Topics in this newly expanded course include history, terminology, etiquette and policy advocacy. Through tales of personal experience, film depictions, lecture and discussion, the facilitator will debunk myths and provide information about the range of trans identities and experiences. Gain comfort talking about trans issues and explore how these issues are relevant to you in your communities. Leave class with new understanding and a list of resources.
CLTR:701 | 4 sessions | $39.50 AGE 60+ | $69 REG
P01 Tu 6-9 p.m. | Stephanie Thurmer
April 7-28 | FP-G, 115

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