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Increase your knowledge of finance and investing with classes that explore stocks and bonds, identity theft and keeping track of your money.

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Finance and Investments

Navigating a Financial Crisis

We are more than a decade removed from the 2008 stock market crash. During 2020, many of us saw the market crash and rebound in a matter of months. There is no question we live in a volatile economic time and that a crisis can occur at any moment. Are you prepared? As we age, our runway for recovery runs out. This class will discuss ways to take advantage of volatility and, more importantly, help prevent a financial crisis from draining your savings. During this course, we’ll focus on the areas of tax, social security, retirement exit strategies and income planning.
FINC-705 | 1 session | $25 AGE 60+ | $25 REG
P01 Th 6-8 p.m. | Andrew Hall
Jan. 21 | Online

The Good, The Bad, and The Ugly of Annuities

The word “annuity” has become one of those four-letter words your mother warned you about. However, while there are bad annuities, not all annuities are bad. Historically, annuities are one of the most misunderstood and broadly defined financial products. Annuities can be powerful if used correctly, but detrimental if used improperly. This course will untangle the web, teaching you if and when to use the right tool for the job, and how to properly use any annuity you may already have.
FINC-765 | 1 session | $25 AGE 60+ | $25 REG
P02 Th 6-8 p.m. | Andrew Hall
Feb. 18 | Online

Where Does All My Money Go?

Are you one of 33% of Americans who don’t have a budget (according to a 2020 debt.com poll)? You don’t have to be a CPA to manage your finances and build wealth within the resources that you have. Learn about budgeting, building emergency savings, paying down debt, saving for retirement and a crash course in building wealth through investments. Many of the financial questions you were afraid to ask will be answered in this course that will help you take control of your finances and help build a better future for you and your family.
FINC-735 | 1 session | $23.50 AGE 60+ | $35 REG
P01 Sa 9 a.m.-1 p.m. | Tiffany Smith
Feb. 20 | Online

Foundations of Investing

Would you like to understand the fundamental rules of investing? During this class, you’ll gain the foundation to get started and learn some basic financial terminology. For those with a current investment portfolio and/or 401(k), the knowledge you’ll learn may help you evaluate what you have and determine if repositioning is necessary. We will explain how to develop goal-focused strategies and follow a proven process to accomplish your goals. You will learn the importance of choosing quality investments, diversifying your portfolio, investing for the long term and focusing on what you can control. Your capacity for risk will be assessed and the portfolio objective that is right for you will be revealed.
FINC-705 | 1 session | $29 AGE 60+ | $29 REG
P03 Tu 6-8:30 p.m. | Margie Bittner
Feb. 23 | Online

Adaptive Investment: Managing Through an Extended Bear Market

The wealthy always seem to come out ahead. How can the average person, who has done everything right in accumulating assets for retirement, use many of the same strategies used by the super-rich? Join us as we lay the groundwork and explore strategies that may be unfamiliar to you by replacing the bond position in your portfolio and managing risk for a more confident future.
FINC-765 | 1 session | $25 AGE 60+ | $25 REG
P04 Tu 6-8 p.m. | Jason Ingram
Feb. 23 | Online

The Nuts and Bolts of Investing

Learn the “tools of the trade” for an individual investor! We will explain the fundamentals and key features of stocks, bonds, mutual funds and ETFs (exchange traded funds). Find out when (and when not) to use a particular tool. We will discuss how and when each is taxed in a qualified (e.g., IRA) and non-qualified account. Interest, dividends, expense ratio, capital gains, maturity date, rate of return, stock index, “the market” and many other financial terms will be explained. Come and learn how to outfit your financial toolbox. This is an ideal follow up to the Foundations of Investing class.
FINC-705 | 1 session | $29 AGE 60+ | $29 REG
P02 Tu 6-8:30 p.m. | Margie Bittner
March 9 | Online

Identity Theft Seminar

If you use a credit card, have a checking account, or use the internet, it is important to be aware of the latest scams. It can take months and cost more than $1,000 to recover and clean up your identity and credit, but only two hours to learn how to prevent it. Through this informative example-based class, learn why people lie, how to detect deception, what to do if you become a victim, and free, investigative resources for home use. Don’t get scammed!
FINC-765 | 1 session | $23 AGE 60+ | $29 REG
P01 Sa 10 a.m.-noon | Cheryl Ring Mantinband
March 13 | Online

Tax Strategies in a Volatile Climate

Uncover long-term, multi-generational tax strategies aimed at saving significant dollars through retirement and beyond. 2018 brought changed tax laws that significantly impacted the tax strategies many pre-retirees can utilize to maximize their income, pay less taxes over the course of their lives, and pass their estate on as efficiently as possible. Come examine those changes and take a dive into qualified versus non-qualified monies, insurance, wills and trusts, and advanced tax strategies to maximize your long-term plan.
FINC-765 | 1 session | $25 AGE 60+ | $25 REG
P03 Tu 6-8 p.m. | Andrew Hall
April 6 | Online

Defusing Your IRA Timebomb

In this class, you will have the opportunity to view selected clips from “The Power of Zero: The Tax Train is Coming,” a tax documentary. This documentary is the first to explore the impact of our nation’s looming debt crisis. The film covers how the debt crisis could threaten to disrupt your traditional retirement and the possibility of a sovereign debt crisis. Learn about proactive measures to take now that will help to mitigate the possibility of increasing taxes to pay for ever-increasing national debt.
FINC-765 | 2 sessions | $39 AGE 60+ | $39 REG
P05 Th 6-8 p.m. | Jason Ingram
April 8-15 | Online

Financial Planning for Women

Most women will be solely in charge of their own finances at some point in their lives. This class focuses on the unique financial concerns facing women and what’s important to them. Strategies for preparing for retirement and living in retirement will be presented along with how to balance this with your other goals such as education of your children or assisting elderly parents. We will address what to expect from Social Security, how to prepare for the unexpected, and managing risks like market fluctuation, inflation and the rising costs of health care along with long term care. Ideal for women between the ages of 35-70.
FINC-705 | 1 session | $29 AGE 60+ | $29 REG
P04 Th 6:30-8:30 p.m. | Margie Bittner
April 8 | Online

Mitigating Taxes in Retirement

A clear strategy to address the possibility income and capital gains tax increases should be an essential part of a successful retirement strategy. Taxes don’t necessarily go down in the retirement years and the possibility of increases without a well-thought out and implemented plan can change retirement goals and the face of retirement dramatically. During this class, we will explore steps to take now to mitigate the impact of possible tax increases.
FINC-736 | 2 sessions | $35 AGE 60+ | $35 REG
P02 Tu 6-8 p.m. | Jason Ingram
April 20-27 | Online

Advanced Social Security

Social Security always seems to be a hot-button issue. Will the program continue to exist, especially now that COVID-19 has impacted the economy? This class will not only talk about the economic viability of Social Security, but will also share how Social Security is calculated and how you can decide when it is best for you to claim. We’ll discuss how to properly coordinate your benefit with your tax plan, your income plan, your estate plan, and even your long-term care plan. Coordination is the name of the game. And, if not handled properly, claiming Social Security incorrectly can lead to decreased lifetime benefits and, perhaps, increased taxes.
FINC-736 | 1 session | $25 AGE 60+ | $25 REG
P01 Tu 6-8 p.m. | Andrew Hall
May 11 | Online

Estate and Long-term Planning

Estate Planning: What to Do When a Loved One Passes Away

When someone passes away, the responsibilities of settling the estate are often placed upon family or the trustee that is charged with wrapping up final affairs. During this course, you’ll learn about the legal process from an estate planning attorney, including what occurs in probate court to instances when the probate court may not be needed in closing the decedent’s estate. The course will discuss practical pre-planning tips as well as common mistakes that can cause litigation.
FINC-710 | 1 session | $33 AGE 60+ | $39 REG
P01 Tu 7-9 p.m. | Paul Gantner
Feb. 9 | Online

Estate Planning: Living Trusts

Effective estate planning can help you control your assets and manage your legacy for loved ones. Taught by an attorney, this course will cover ways to plan your estate, avoid probate and guardianships, and potentially reduce or eliminate estate taxes. Find out why a living trust may be the best solution.
FINC-710 | 1 session | $33 AGE 60+ | $39 REG
P02 W 7-9 p.m. | Jacquelynn Capriano
Feb. 24 | Online

Mitigating the Long-term Care Crisis

What is long-term care (LTC) and how do you pay for it? Do you want to move into a facility or stay at home? LTC can be expensive. The question is, how do you pay for it without having to purchase LTC insurance? This class will teach you about alternative financial programs that can be used to pay for LTC for both you and your loved ones.
FINC-746 | 1 session | $25 AGE 60+ | $25 REG
P01 Th 6-8 p.m. | Andrew Hall
March 4 | Online

Innovative Alternatives for Long-term Care Planning

Extended care, also called long-term care (LTC), is something we all hope we will never need. However, the expense, both emotionally and financially, can bankrupt a family. Traditional long-term care solutions are expensive and not tax efficient. Learn alternatives for extended care that can be structured to offer you flexibility through unlimited care benefits for you and your loved ones.
FINC-746 | 1 session | $25 AGE 60+ | $25 REG
P02 Th 6-8 p.m. | Jason Ingram
March 25 | Online

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