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Couples Massage

Enjoy spending time together as you learn gentle ways to comfort and relax your partner. Methods based on Swedish massage, Russian massage and trigger point therapy. Partner required. Fee is per person. Supply list will be emailed.
HEAL:704 | 1 session | $28 AGE 60+ | $49 REG

Natural Living

Natural Wellness: Overview of Traditional Chinese Medicine

Explore the fundamental concepts of traditional Chinese medicine that have steered this form of care for over 2,500 years! Learn basic principles you can apply in your daily life to enhance health and wellness. Class taught by a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist with a Ph.D. in traditional Chinese medicine.
HEAL:701 | 1 session | $29 AGE 60+ | $29 REG

Natural Wellness: Killing Pain Without Painkillers

Learn where pain comes from, what it means and how to alleviate it using various methods of traditional Chinese medicine. This class introduces options for pain management and is not a substitute for a professional diagnosis and treatment. Class taught by a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist with a Ph.D. in traditional Chinese medicine.
HEAL:701 | 1 session | $29 AGE 60+ | $29 REG

Natural Wellness: Acupressure

Do you suffer from headaches, back pain, neck stiffness or shoulder tension? Acupressure is a good way to alleviate these symptoms, improve blood circulation and reduce chronic inflammation. Learn how to find and massage acupressure points, helping improve both your health and the health of your loved ones. Partner required. Fee is per person. Bring yoga mat or towel to lay on floor.
HEAL:701 | 1 session | $29 AGE 60+ | $29 REG

Natural Wellness: Alternative Healthcare

Modern scientific research has shown how complementary and alternative medicine can help in treating systematic and chronic diseases. Understand how the mechanism of acupuncture and other forms of treatment in traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) provide alternative options for common but difficult-to-treat diseases such as Alzheimer’s, stroke, cancer, and Parkinson’s disease. Class taught by a licensed acupuncturist and herbalist with a Ph.D. in traditional Chinese medicine.
HEAL:701 | 1 session | $29 AGE 60+ | $29 REG

Personal Insights

Discover Your Talents

Have you ever wondered what your true strengths are? Many people find it difficult to identify their own strengths, much less know how to articulate them well. Use the highly acclaimed Strengths Finder 2.0 assessment to identify your top five strengths and uncover your talents! Learn what differentiates you from others and how to create your own unique recipe for success as you design new life directions. Text required - bring to first class: “Strengths Finder 2.0,” ISBN: 9781595620156.
PERD:709 | 2 sessions | $30 AGE 60+ | $45 REG

NEW! The Secret of Dreams and Power of Imagination

Discover the secrets of your subconscious. Learn the language of dreams and easy ways to interpret. Discover the 15 types of dreams, guidelines for sharing and techniques for “dream incubation.” Learn how our imagination works for (and against) us and ways to harness its power. Discover how guided imagery and active imagination can enhance healing and bring creative solutions to all areas of life.
PERD:732 | 4 sessions | $35.50 AGE 60+ | $55 REG

The Power of Coincidence

Discover how to trust your intuition and receive the power of synchronicities. Explore the inter-connectedness of all things and build a greater awareness of meaningful coincidences in life!
PERD:709 | 1 session | $20 AGE 60+ | $25 REG

Developing Intuition

Awaken your intuitive abilities and feel comfortable listening to and trusting your intuition. Discover which of your psychic senses is naturally strongest: gut feelings, inner listening or intuitive seeing. Learn a variety of exercises and practices to help develop your intuition including sensing auras, psychometry (intuiting information by holding objects) and more.
PERD:735 | 4 sessions | $35.50 AGE 60+ | $55 REG


Explore what karma is and how it is connected to your past lives. Learn how it operates, how to recognize when it is occurring and how you can resolve karma in the most effective way. Acquire skills necessary to identify karmic lessons and move forward in life.
PERD:709 | 1 session | $20 AGE 60+ | $25 REG

Personality Types Made Simple

Learn to recognize four basic personality types and identify your own unique combination. Begin to better understand and relate to people with very different personality types, enhance relationships and gain a healthy level of self-worth by developing strength in your areas of weakness.
PERD:743 | 2 sessions | $25 AGE 60+ | $35 REG

10 Clues to Your Past Lives

Ever wonder if you’ve lived before? Learn how past lives might influence your life now. Find clues in your talents and gifts, fears and phobias, relationships and health. Explore basic theories (and myths) of reincarnation and learn ways to create karmic healing and balance. Gain practical insights for your present life and purpose by discovering 10 significant clues to your past lives.
PERD:735 | 2 sessions | $26.50 AGE 60+ | $39 REG

Personal Growth

NEW! Mind Over Matter

What matters to you? What do you want to achieve? Learn how taking care of your body positively affects your mind and can lead to greater happiness. Are there things you want to do, but cannot get motivated? Are you bogged down by stress and loneliness? Let’s talk about key strategies to help you live a more invigorating life by educating, motivating and inspiring you to take charge of your life. Get rid of the negative talk and become to person you are meant to be.
HEAL:765 | 2 sessions | $19 AGE 60+ | $29 REG

Courage, Risks and Rewards: Taking Chances to Change Your Life

Life is all about choices. The decision to leap into something new and different can be both terrifying and thrilling, but taking chances can also offer significant rewards. Examine the concept of risk, learn how to change your mindset and identify five powerful perspectives on risk-taking that will empower you to take more chances and create opportunities for happiness and fulfillment!
PERD:709 | 1 session | $25 AGE 60+ | $35 REG

Facing Your Giants

Explore the continual lessons and obstacles you face in life and the ‘giant’ that is lurking underneath these events. Discover how to recognize dysfunctional giants and how they manifest. Learn strategies to conquer those giants, calm the drama and end self-sabotaging behaviors that result from these overwhelming problems.
PERD:709 | 1 session | $20 AGE 60+ | $25 REG

Assertiveness for the Sensitive Person

Have you ever been told that you are “too nice” and need to be more assertive? Sensitive people tend to place a higher value on the needs and opinions of others over their own, which leaves them feeling powerless and unheard. Learn how powerful you really are and develop confidence to be more comfortably assertive.
PERD:744 | 2 sessions | $25 AGE 60+ | $35 REG

Transitions and Transformations: Thriving in the Midst of Change

Life is a cycle of beginnings and endings. Transitions can be hard, but they hold a positive side, too. They offer opportunity to rethink the direction of our lives. In the second and third chapters of life we may discover that our own life is similar to seasonal patterns of endings and beginnings. The fall season of life brings its own unique set of challenges and opportunities: we lose a loved one or a job, experience divorce or illness, we have an empty nest. Or perhaps we are exhilarated by becoming a new grandparent, embarking upon new jobs or moving to a new home or city. Whether the transition is positive or negative, we all have times when we ask ourselves, “How can I make it easier?” Practical strategies will be discussed to empower you in making future changes with greater confidence, less stress and the greatest potential to thrive. Class is suggested for ages 50+.
PERD:709 | 1 session | $25 AGE 60+ | $35 REG

Finding Balance: Reclaim Your Time and Live a More Fulfilling Life

Does it seem like time is flying by at the speed of light? How can you create balance amidst all the busyness? Balance means different things to different people, and while total complete balance at all times is virtually impossible, you can learn how to make continuous small adjustments to achieve a dynamic state of balance and fulfillment in your life. Join us to learn how. Class is suggested for ages 50+.
PERD:709 | 1 session | $25 AGE 60+ | $35 REG

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Discover additional classes to help prepare for and navigate your purpose and fulfillment after age 50, whether through employment, retirement or volunteerism. Find our “Plus 50” courses.


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