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Spruce things up with Home Improvement classes. Explore basic car maintenance and small engine repair. Learn about tiling, interior design, power tools, remodeling and more. Our classes are the perfect fit for the Do-It-Yourselfer.

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How to Use Power Tools

Power tools help us perform difficult tasks with less effort and greater accuracy than most of us could accomplish without them. However, in order to use them effectively and without injury, you must know how to operate them correctly and safely. In this class, our home repair expert will demonstrate the operation of several common power tools, including: corded and cordless drill, dremel, reciprocating saw, miter saw and circle saw. If you have a small power tool you'd like to know more about, bring it to class and our instructor may select it for a demonstration. Join us and bring your questions.
HOME:713 | $25 | Age 60+: $25
F04 | W 7-9 p.m. | Jean Linton | Oct. 3 | Kirkwood Sr. HS, SA2

How to Work with a Contractor

For some home repair projects, you may want to hire a contractor. Come find out from our home repair specialist what you need to know to get that right. There are so many factors that influence your decisions: Is the job primarily repair, remodeling or new construction? Do you need a specialized contractor or general contractor and where do subcontractors fit into the picture? What's your timeline, budget, who's responsible for the materials and determines the logistics of the project? Don't forget the paperwork and, oh yes, the clean-up! Join us and bring your questions.
HOME:713 | $25 | Age 60+: $25
F01 | W 7-9 p.m. | Jean Linton | Oct. 24 | Kirkwood Sr. HS, SA2
NOTE: Original class on Sept. 5 cancelled due to instructor illness. Rescheduled for Oct. 24.

Basic Car Maintenance

This course is designed to help you better understand your cars, the auto repair industry and service problems you may encounter. Combines lecture on specific maintenance problems with laboratory sessions during which you will have the opportunity to inspect and perform minor repairs and maintenance on your own car.
AUTO:701 | $29 | Age 60+: $17.50
F01 | Th 6-9 p.m. | Michael Silva | Oct. 4 | Advanced Auto Svc

Think Like a Decorator

Explore the decor process as an interior designer does, thinking through the potential for enhanced beauty and improved function in your own home. We will talk about YOUR needs YOUR desires YOUR "givens" (what you will keep and work with). We'll talk about quick-fixes, where to shop and who to go to for more help, classic decor mistakes and much more, including how to achieve budget-friendly make-overs and re-designs. You'll benefit from "fresh eyes" and a new understanding of design basics. Bring three of your favorite decorating magazines to the first class.
HOME:703 | $69 | Age 60+: $38.50
F01 | M 7-9 p.m. | Deborah Weltman | Sept. 24-Oct. 15 | MC - SO, 112

Interior Design: Color

Give your home a face lift! Whether you prefer a bold or quiet color scheme, our experienced interior designer will show you how to select the best options for your space. You'll learn the secret of achieving a properly balanced and equally distributed color placement. We'll explore the combination of patterns in fabrics and furniture and how to integrate these patterns into your space. The selection of paint color, the color choices of wood tone, counter tops, cabinets, light fixtures and hardware will be addressed. Second class is a two-hour field trip on Thursday evening, 9/13.
HOME:708 | $39 | Age 60+: $20.50
F01 | Tu 6:30-9:30 p.m. | Kathryn Leinauer | Sept. 11 | MC - AS, 204

Interior Decor: Accessories for Home, Kitchen and Bath

Well-chosen accessories are the perfect finishing touch that every room deserves. In this class, you'll learn from a professional interior designer how to select the right shapes and sizes for your accessories and how to place them into the correct proportionate space. Choices of color and the combinations of patterns will be demonstrated. After this class, your rooms will reflect your personality with a professional touch. Second class is a two-hour field trip on Thursday evening, 10/11. Provide own transportation.
HOME:709 | $39 | Age 60+: $20.50
F01 | Tu 6:30-8:30 p.m. | Kathryn Leinauer | Oct. 9 | MC - AS

Do-It-Yourself Ceramic Tiling

Come learn how to repair, re-grout or install new ceramic tile and grout on floors and walls in your home. Distinguish between the different sizes of tile and why each are used in certain places. You'll learn how to design, layout, prepare, cut and install ceramic tile and grout. See the tools you'll need and watch a demonstration of how and why to use them.
HOME:713 | $25 | Age 60+: $25
F05 | W 7-9 p.m. | Jean Linton | Oct. 10 | FV - E, 158

Do-It-Yourself Drywalling

Our experienced handyperson will show you how to measure, cut, and hang drywall. You'll learn how to prep the room prior to installing the 2x4 framing, including proper layout. Instruction will include cut-to-size with minimal drywall seams and cut out for electric boxes. Also learn how to apply seam tape (both paper tape and self-stick mesh tape) and mud (joint compound). If you have a drywall project in your future, get to this class before getting started.
HOME:713 | $25 | Age 60+: $25
F06 | W 7-9 p.m. | Jean Linton | Oct. 17 | FV - E, 158

Hands-On Home Repair: Electrical

When something needs fixing who do you call? Fix it yourself and save time, money and hassle! A variety of simple home repairs will be presented with a "hands-on" focus. We'll talk about electricity and safety, most people's #1 concern. If you need a new light fixture, wall switch or outlet, this class will guide you. We'll talk about other small electrical problems and the difference between aluminum and copper wiring and how to work with both. We'll look at how-to, when-to and when it's safer NOT-to. You won't need to fear performing your own simple DIY electrical repairs or have to pay someone else do it for you after this class.
HOME:713 | $25 | Age 60+: $25
F02 | W 7-9 p.m. | Jean Linton | Nov. 14 | Kirkwood Sr. HS, SA1
NOTE: Class rescheduled for Nov. 14 in room SA1.

Hands-On Home Repair: Plumbing

Got a leaky faucet or just want to upgrade to the latest style? Maybe your running toilet has caused your water bill to skyrocket? Don't get sticker shock by calling a plumber, instead come to this hands-on class and learn how to fix minor plumbing issues.
HOME:713 | $25 | Age 60+: $25
F03 | W 7-9 p.m. | Jean Linton | Sept. 26 | Kirkwood Sr. HS, SA2

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