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 Motorcycle Safety Basic Rider Course

The Basic Rider Course (MSF-BRC) is geared toward the novice motorcyclist or scooter operator, but will also provide an excellent skills update for the returning rider or those experienced with no previous formal training. The course consists of classroom and on-bike instruction with furnished motorcycles or scooters (loaner scooters are limited-check availability before registering; however personal scooters are permitted). Those who successfully complete the course will be issued a completion card from the Missouri Motorcycle Safety Program which is a waiver for the road test portion of the Missouri license endorsement. Students must be at least 15 and a half years of age and able to ride a bicycle. Those under 18 years of age must have a release form signed by a legal guardian or parent. Students must bring: a three-quarter or full helmet that meets Department of Transportation standards (loaner helmets available), over ankle boots with 2-inch or lower heels, full fingered gloves, long-sleeved jacket or heavy shirt, eye protection, sturdy pants, and a photo ID. At the discretion of the instructors, students who are unable to safely operate the motorcycles will be dismissed from class for their own protection and the safety of the group. No refunds will be given if you are unable to complete the class for any reason. Class held rain or shine. You must arrive on time for class; late arrivals will not be admitted to class. Call for a detailed brochure: (314) 984-7777. To view a 5-minute video of Basic Rider Course highlights, go to
MOTR:700 | $225 | Age 60+: $152.50
F01 | SaSu 7 am-5 pm | Jeffery Pittenger | Aug 18-Aug 19 | FP - D, 215
F02 | SaSu 7 am-5 pm | Jeffery Pittenger | Aug 25-Aug 26 | FP - D, 215
F03 | SaSu 7 am-5 pm | Jeffery Pittenger | Sep 8-Sep 9 | FP - D, 215
F04 | SaSu 7 am-5 pm | Jeffery Pittenger | Sep 15-Sep 16 | FP - D, 215
F05 | SaSu 8 am-6 pm | Jeffery Pittenger | Sep 22-Sep 23 | FP - D, 215
F06 | SaSu 8 am-6 pm | Jeffery Pittenger | Oct 6-Oct 7 | FP - D, 215
F07 | SaSu 8 am-6 pm | Jeffery Pittenger | Oct 13-Oct 14 | FP - D, 215
F08 | SaSu 8 am-6 pm | Jeffery Pittenger | Oct 20-Oct 21 | FP - D, 215
F09 | SaSu 8 am-6 pm | Jeffery Pittenger | Oct 27-Oct 28 | FP - D, 215

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