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Digitally model and print your designs using advanced technologies: CAD, Maya, TinkerCad, 3-D printers and more!

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Introduction to 3-D Solid Modeling for Design

This course is designed to teach the use of 3-D solid modeling CAD packages. Instruction includes how to use a 3-D CAD package to develop solid models in order to generate assemblies and 2-D drawings. CAD package used in a particular semester or a section of this course may depend on the industry or student's demand. Some of the commonly used 3-D solid modeling packages in the industry are SDRC'S I-Deas Master, SolidWorks, Pro-E, and Solid Edge. It is suggested that prior to registering for this course, students would inquire with the department as to which CAD will be emphasized in a given semester or a section of the course. Additional lab hours required. May be taken for credit as ME 230 551. Students choose Solidworks or Inventor software for lab projects.
COMP:765 | $442 | Age 60+: $442
F10 | MW 7 pm-9:55 pm | Thomas Grass | Sep 17-Dec 16 | FV - E, 277
NOTE: No class 11/21.

Maya: 3-D Modeling Basics

This course is designed for the true beginner. We will start by touring the Maya interface, then move into creating and texturing simple objects. From there we will learn techniques and tools to create and texture characters and complex shapes. This class will focus on polygon extruding, sculpting, texturing and lighting. No previous experience with 3-D art or Autodesk Maya is necessary.
CVTW:704 | $79 | Age 60+: $74.50
F03 | W 5 pm-9 pm | Joseph Rollins | Sep 19 | MC - HE, 232

3-D Printing for Basic Prototyping

This four-part workshop will take you through the workflow of 3-D printing. Learn terminology, history, and an overview of 3-D printing in software and hardware developments. Design, build and create a 3-D printed object. Software such as TinkerCad, Cura, Adobe Illustrator, and Photoshop will be covered. This multi session format will allow students to learn in class and then modify and design between sessions for comprehensive learning.
CVTW:713 | $139 | Age 60+: $74.50
F02 | Th 6 pm-8 pm | John Chihak | Oct 4-Oct 25 | MC - HE, 233

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