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Childcare Training

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A variety of workshops for those employed in the child care field or for those interested in learning more about working with children. Explore discipline, autism, and child abuse, along with childcare provider First Aid CPR AED.

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NEW! From Stories to STEM: Part II

New books, new hooks! Join Magic House educators for a follow up presentation to the popular workshop offered last fall, Storytime S.T.E.M. Discover how students can make real life connections through inquiry, collaboration and project-based learning using favorite children's literature and integrated Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics content.
CCPR:718 | $25 | Age 60+: $25
F01 | Tu 7 pm-9 pm | Sep 25 | Magic House, Whitaker Theater

NEW! The Building Blocks of Building Blocks

Discover the depths of block play and how to enhance children's development and learning through engagement with these materials and the environment. We will explore different block stages, types of blocks including building materials and props, safety concerns, assessing learning via block play, and integrating blocks into all areas of the curriculum.
CCPR:720 | $25 | Age 60+: $19
F01 | W 7 pm-9 pm | Bonnie Shiller | Oct 10 | FV - CDC, 110

Discipline for Young Children

Learning to manage behavior with groups of children is always a challenge. You will learn techniques to diminish targeted behaviors and promote positive peer interactions.
CCPR:702 | $25 | Age 60+: $19
F02 | Th 7 pm-9 pm | Geraldine Jasper | Oct 11 | MC-SO, 112

Infant Toddler Transition Tips

Back by popular demand! Are you experiencing challenging behavior during transition times and routine tasks? Come learn new strategies to create teachable moments and plan smooth, meaningful and fun routines as part of your infant/toddler caregiving. Create a hands-on transitional tool for your classroom!
CCPR:707 | $25 | Age 60+: $19
F01 | W 7 pm-9 pm | Elaina Mensinger | Oct 17 | FV - CDC, 110

NEW! Bringing Yoga Into the Classroom

This course will skim the core benefits of yoga for children and prepare you to teach your children a 15-30 minute yoga "class". Wear comfortable clothing. Bring a yoga mat.
CCPR:765 | $25 | Age 60+: $19
F01 | Tu 7 pm-9 pm | Victoria McReynolds | Oct 23 | MC - SO, 109

Phonological Awareness and Alphabetic Knowledge

Discussion of language development in preschool years. Provides specific tools to encourage phonological awareness and alphabetical knowledge. Co-sponsored by St. Louis Learning Disabilities Association.
CCPR:718 | $25 | Age 60+: $25
F02 | M 7 pm-9 pm | STL Learning Disabilities Assoc | Oct 29 | FP - G, 323

How to Use Music Outside of Group Time

Songs and movements make transitions fun and help children tune in when they appear to be tuned out. Even if you can't sing you can make a song out of anything.
CCPR:708 | $25 | Age 60+: $19
F01 | Tu 7 pm-9 pm | Rose Anderson-Rice | Nov 6 | FP - G, 323

Discipline for Toddlers and Twos

Do you think of "Terrible Toddlers and Twos" or "Terrific Toddlers and Twos?" Knowing how to manage this age group and understanding their development will get you thinking "Terrific Toddlers and Twos!" You will explore many positive ways to work with this age group.
CCPR:702 | $25 | Age 60+: $19
F04 | W 7 pm-9 pm | Elaina Mensinger | Nov 7 | FV - CDC, 110

Asking Questions to Encourage Children's Thinking

Learn many techniques for asking questions in your everyday activities with children throughout all the learning areas: blocks, dramatic play, books, science and others. Encourage critical thinking, creativity and problem-solving by asking questions.
CCPR:721 | $25 | Age 60+: $19
F01 | W 7 pm-9 pm | Geraldine Jasper | Nov 14 | FV - CDC, 110

Parachutes, Streamers, and More: Fun Activities for Young Children

Experience new, fun movement activities that you can incorporate into your daily schedule.
CCPR:703 | $25 | Age 60+: $19
F01 | M 7 pm-9 pm | Victoria McReynolds | Nov 19 | FV - CDC, 110

Understanding Autism: Birth to Age Five

Characteristics of autism spectrum disorder and how symptoms can affect each child in a unique way will be discussed. You will learn methods for working with these children and available community resources. Co-sponsored by St. Louis Learning Disabilities Association, Inc.
CCPR:723 | $25 | Age 60+: $25
F01 | M 7 pm-9 pm | Nov 26 | MC - SO, 109

Keeping Kids Safe in Today's World: Intruder Safety

Lockdown, intruder guidelines, social media issues, identity security are all factors to plan for in the 21st century. We will discuss many security factors that can affect children's safety in your center or home day care.
CCPR:765 | $25 | Age 60+: $19
F02 | W 7 pm-9 pm | Victoria McReynolds | Nov 28 | FV - CDC, 110

Understanding Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Birth to Age 5

Characteristics of ADHD and how symptoms can affect each child in unique ways will be discussed. You will learn techniques for coping with behavior and receive resources for additional help. Co-sponsored by St. Louis Learning Disabilities Association, Inc.
CCPR:723 | $25 | Age 60+: $25
F02 | M 7 pm-9 pm | Dec 3 | FV - CDC, 110

Child Care Provider: Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid CPR AED

The Heartsaver Pediatric First Aid CPR AED course is designed to meet the regulatory requirements for child care workers in all fifty states. It teaches child care providers to respond to and manage illnesses and injuries in a child or infant in the first few minutes until professional help arrives. It covers the four steps of first aid and first aid skills such as finding the problem, stopping bleeding, bandaging and using an epinephrine pen, as well as child CPR AED, infant CPR and optional modules in adult CPR AED, child mask, infant mask and Asthma Care Training for Child Care Providers. Registration one week prior to course start date is required. No transfers between sessions or refunds given within five business days of class date. Due to the nature of the course you must arrive on time. No admittance after stated start time. Bring a lunch. No refund for late arrival. Attendance Training Policy: As a quality training program, we are required by the DHSS Section for Licensing and Child Care Regulation training to follow specific guidelines for our sessions. Therefore, workshops listed expect participants to arrive on time, be fully present during the session, adhere to break schedules and attend the entire session. Any participant who does not adhere to these requirements will not receive a certificate or a refund. For Child Care Providers ONLY. Child Care Providers needing Approved Clock Hours MUST enroll in this course.
CCPR:711 | $97 | Age 60+: $71
F01 | Sa 8:30 am-4 pm | Sep 22 | MC - CE Classroom
F02 | Sa 8:30 am-4 pm | Oct 27 | FV - TC, 105
F03 | Sa 8:30 am-4 pm | Nov 17 | FP - G, 121

Saturday Sessions

Discipline and Guidance of Young Children

How do you redirect children's behavior? How do you promote positive peer interactions? How do you communicate with young children and build their self-esteem? Learn new things to do and say in guiding young children.
CCPR:702 | $39 | Age 60+: $27
F03 | Sa 9 am-1 pm | Geraldine Jasper | Nov 3 | MC - SO, 109

Designing Curriculum and Lesson Planning

How do you create and implement developmentally appropriate curriculum and lesson plans for preschool students? Explore this as well as planning learning experiences, developing weekly plans, using themes, managing the day, implementing the daily schedule, and having successful transitions. In addition, you will be introduced to the Investigations Curriculum. Co-sponsored by the St. Louis Learning Disabilities Association.
CCPR:716 | $39 | Age 60+: $39
F01 | Sa 9 am-1 pm | Nov 10 | FV - CDC, 110

Using Children's Lit to Reduce Effects of Stress and Trauma

Trauma and toxic stress are often expressed through inappropriate behavior in the preschool classroom. Children's literature can be an effective tool to open discussions with children about stressors and behavioral choices, while building an emotion vocabulary to help them use their words. Practical tips on classroom set-up, routine, and breathing exercises will be shared. You will receive two children's books for each participant to take home. Co-sponsored by Ready Readers.
CCPR:718 | $35 | Age 60+: $35
F03 | Sa 9 am-12 pm | Dec 1 | MC - SO, 109

Supervision and Safety in an Early Childhood Facility

A review of techniques to make supervision and safety a high priority in every childcare facility.
CCPR:702 | $39 | Age 60+: $27
F05 | Sa 9 am-1 pm | Geraldine Jasper | Dec 8 | FV - CDC, 110

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