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National Electrical Code and Calculations: Part I

An introductory study of the NEC for those in related fields, this course covers the elements, changes, applications and design aspects of the 2017 National Electrical Code for residential and commercial properties. Certificate of participation will be awarded to those successfully finishing the course. Bring required texts to first class: “NFPA, National Electrical code 2017” ISBN 978-1455912773 and “Holt, Electrical Exam Preparation 2017” ISBN 978-0986353499.
ELEC:705 | 14 sessions | $192 AGE 60+ | $299 REG

Construction Methods

This course covers many of the principles, materials, and methods used in light construction. Topics include building codes, construction standards and specializations, wood and wood products, concrete, masonry, glass, plastics, aluminum products, bituminous products, gypsum products, asbestos cement products, construction methods systems, foundation systems, slabs-on-ground, floor/ceiling systems, wood framed floors, wall systems, masonry walls, roof/ceiling systems, stucco, and terrazzo. Dates listed correspond with credit term. Available for credit as CE 108 550.
CONS:701 | $170.20 AGE 60+ | $340.50 REG

Construction Blueprint Reading

The interpretation of construction working drawings and specifications for residential and commercial building projects. Architectural, structural, and utility drawings will be covered. Dates listed correspond with credit term. Available for credit as CE 116 551.
CONS:718 | $170.20 AGE 60+ | $340.50 REG

Electronic Drafting

Electronic Drafting introduces basic drafting with emphasis on technical sketching and lettering. Topics include schematic diagrams, block diagrams, electronic symbols, etched circuit layout, wiring diagrams, mechanical detail, electronic detail, and assembly drawings. Dates listed correspond with credit term. Available for credit as EGR 104 502.
CONS:765 | $113.50 AGE 60+ | $227 REG

Engineering Drawing

Engineering Drawing uses a combination of instruments and CAD systems for making drawings. The course includes use of instruments, lettering, geometrical constructions, technical sketching, principles of orthographic projection, pictorial drawing, descriptive geometry, sectional views and conventions, auxiliary views, and dimensioning. Dates listed correspond with credit term. Class available for credit as EGR 100 550.
CONS:765 | $170.20 AGE 60+ | $340.50 REG

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