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Develop your skills in using the popular operating systems on phone and tablet mobile devices, explore the world of social media and learn to build your own website.

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iPhone® and iPad® Mobile Digital Devices: Introduction

Did you purchase an iPhone or iPad mobile digital device only to discover that you can barely use it? Explore the basics and functionality of the Apple iOS® platform in this class. This class will discuss only Apple® products; other smart phone devices will not be covered. Please note: universal functions will be taught and specific “apps” may vary from device to device. Students must bring their own iPhone/iPad device to the class.
COMP-765 | 1 session | $49 AGE 60+ | $49 REG
P02 W 6-9 p.m. | Gregory Ray
Feb. 3 | Online
P06 W 6-9 p.m. | Gregory Ray
May 5 | Online

iPhone® and iPad® Mobile Digital Devices: Next Steps

No longer a beginner, but not yet an expert in using your iPhone or iPad mobile digital device? Feel like you could be doing more than the basics? Explore more about choosing and getting apps; taking, organizing and sharing photos; adopting shortcuts for frequently-used apps like email, iMessages® and the Safari® web browser; keeping your data secure; and customize your device to work better for you. For iPad users seeking to use your device as your sole computer, you’ll learn how much is possible and what limitations to expect. Prerequisite is some familiarity in navigating your iPhone and/or iPad or completion of our Basics course. Bring your iPhone and/or an iPad and corresponding charger(s).
COMP-765 | 1 session | $49 AGE 60+ | $49 REG
P02 W 9 a.m.-noon | Gregory Ray
Feb. 10 | Online
P07 W 9 a.m.-noon | Gregory Ray
May 12 | Online

Introduction to Squarespace®

Launch your own website using Squarespace and enter the digital space! You’ll register a domain name and use Squarespace to design a website of your own. There will be general instruction on template selection and design, with ample time to create freely and ask questions. Domain name, Squarespace package and G Suite™ are not included in class price; please bring a credit/debit card to first class for the purchase of $40 for these materials.
COMP-745 | 2 sessions | $41 AGE 60+ | $59 REG
P02 Tu 6-8 p.m. | Taylor Dailing
March 2 – March 9 | Online
P03 Tu 6-8 p.m. | Taylor Dailing
May 4 – May 11 | Online

Introduction to Twitter®

Hashtag? What is a hashtag? If you’ve ever asked this question, then this class is for you! Twitter is all the rage for Millennials and celebrities, and an increasingly important source of information. Come to this class to find out more about one of the most popular social media sites. Prerequisite: Windows® Introduction class or equivalent experience.
COMP-742 | 1 session | $16.50 AGE 60+ | $29 REG
P07 W 6-9 p.m. | Rich Vagen
March 24 | Online

WordPress® for Business

WordPress® is the most popular software for building and hosting personal websites on the Internet, but it’s increasingly also the engine of richly-designed and complex business sites. Want to promote and sell your photography? Run a subscription-based coaching practice? Make a living building sites for other small businesses? This course will cover the features of WordPress® and its multitude of add-ons. You’ll learn about themes and plugins (many of them free) that can make your site do more than share articles. This class will emphasize ways to enable e-commerce, as well as considerations about extra security, maintenance, and monitoring requirements you should consider once a business WordPress site goes live to the public.
COMP-765 | 1 session | $49 AGE 60+ | $49 REG
P08 Th 6-9 p.m. | Gregory Ray
March 25 | Online


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