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Develop your skills in using the popular Android or iOS operating system on phone and tablet mobile devices.

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iPhone® and iPad® Mobile Digital Devices: Introduction

Did you finally break down and purchase an iPhone or iPad mobile digital device only to discover that you can barely use it? Come to this class to learn the basics and functionality of the Apple iOS® platform. Please note universal functions will be taught and that specific apps may vary from device to device. Students must bring their own iPhone/iPad device to the class. This class will only discuss the Apple products. Other smart phone devices will not be covered.
COMP-765 | 1 session | $49 AGE 60+ | $49 REG
F01 Sa 9 a.m.-noon | Gregory Ray
Sept. 12 | Online
F02 W 6-9 p.m. | Gregory Ray
Oct. 14 | Online

iPhone® and iPad® Mobile Digital Devices: Next Steps

No longer a beginner, but not yet an expert in using your iPhone® or iPad® mobile digital device? Feel like you could be doing more than the basics? Explore more about choosing and getting apps; taking, organizing and sharing photos; shortcuts for using frequent apps like email, iMessages® and the Safari® web browser; how to keep your data secure; and settings to customize your device to work better for you. And for those of you who want to use your iPad as your sole computer, learn how much is possible (and what limitations to expect). This class is for those comfortable navigating around their devices, or who have completed our Introduction course. Students should bring their iPhones® and/or an iPad® along with the corresponding chargers.
COMP-765 | 1 session | $49 AGE 60+ | $49 REG
F04 Sa 9 a.m.-noon | Gregory Ray
Sept. 26 | Online
F03 W 6-9 p.m. | Gregory Ray
Oct. 28 | Online


iPhone, iPad, iMessages and Safari are registered trademarks of Apple Inc. IOS is a trademark or registered trademark of Cisco in the U.S. and other countries and is used by Apple under license. This is an independent course and has not been authorized, sponsored or otherwise approved by Apple Inc.

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