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From using a mouse and keyboarding to online commerce, research and security, build your knowledge of PCs and technology.

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PCs and Technology: Introduction In a Day

Learn the basics of using a PC and technology in a day! Do you call yourself "computer illiterate"? Does current technology boggle your mind? Then this class is for you! Build a strong foundation for your computer skills and get familiar with other digital technologies. This course emphasizes hands-on experience using a PC to teach essential concepts and commands and develop user confidence. Basic terms regarding computer hardware, software and current technology are covered, as are basics regarding the use of computers, printers, and drives. It's a class designed for those with little or no computer skills.
COMP:701 | 1 session | $67 Age 60+ | $99 Regular
P01 | Sa 9 a.m.-4 p.m. | Jean Bradley | April 20 | FV-B, 139

Keyboarding: Learn to Type on the Computer

Do you use the hunt and peck method of typing? Keyboarding skills are essential fundamentals for all computer software applications. Learn where each key is and how to type more efficiently. Increase speed and accuracy. You will learn correct hand positions and how to use the alphabetic, numeric, symbol and shortcut keys.
COMP:702 | 10 sessions | $66.50 Age 60+ | $109 Regular
P03 | M 7-9 p.m. | Helen Ralston | Feb. 25-May 13 | Lindbergh Sr. HS, 108
• NOTE: No class 3/18, 4/22.

Internet Research and Investigations: Consumer Information

Does my doctor have a high malpractice rate? Does my hospital have a high infection rate? Does Grandma's nursing home use restraints more frequently than others? What is the crime rate in my neighborhood? How much did my neighbors pay for their house? Does my contractor have a lengthy list of lawsuits? How do I find free online classifieds? What will be the total costs for repair and maintenance on my vehicle? What are the crash test results? What happens if something goes wrong with a PayPal transaction? What recalled products am I still using at home? If you are curious about the answers to any of these questions then this class is for you! Prerequisite: Windows Introduction class or equivalent experience. Some internet experience helpful.
COMP:742 | 1 session | $15.50 Age 60+ | $25 Regular
P21 | Su 12:30-3:30 p.m. | Jean Bradley | Feb. 10 | MC-BA, 216

Internet Research and Investigations: Public Records

Explore a wide range of public records on the internet. We'll look at real estate records, criminal records, court judgments, marriages, births, deaths, etc. Prerequisite: Windows Introduction class or equivalent experience. Some internet experience helpful.
COMP:742 | 1 session | $15.50 Age 60+ | $25 Regular
P20 | Su 12:30-3:30 p.m. | Jean Bradley | March 3 | MC-BA, 216

Personal Online Security

Ensure your terrestrial and digital footprints are secure. Learn to exercise the best security practices to protect your personal information, help prevent identity fraud, and preserve data integrity, confidentiality and availability. Conduct your corporal, electronic and communications using the most current/effective techniques/methodologies.
COMP:795 | 1 session | $19 Age 60+ | $29 Regular
P01 | Sa 9 a.m.-noon | Fernando Tillman | Feb. 2 | Corp. College, 208

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