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Areas of Study

Arts & Communications

Interested in sign language, graphic design or fine arts? If you are a creative thinker, imaginative, innovative and original this may be the career path for you! Some of the programs offered under the Arts & Communications area of study include American Sign Language, Graphic Communications, Fine Arts, Interior Design, and more.

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Business, Management & Technology

Interested in accounting, baking and pastry arts, cybersecurity or web development? Providing a broad foundation required for entry-level positions in the field of culinary, business, finance, health and technology. Some of the programs offered under the Business, Management & Technology area of study include: Accounting, Baking and Pastry Arts, Web Developer, and more.

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Information Systems

St. Louis Community College offers several degrees for students interested in expanding their knowledge or starting a new career in the field of Information Systems. The Information Systems programs fall under the larger umbrella of Business, Management & Technology. Examples of some of these great programs include: Cybersecurity, Database Developer, and Web Developer.

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Engineering & Skilled Trades

Interested in automotive technology, computer aided design or robotics and automation? The new economy is powered by those who make and maintain our automobiles, manufacturing facilities, homes and infrastructures. It is work that requires both mental and physical dexterity and appeals to those who take pride in skill and craftsmanship. Some of the programs offered under the Engineering and Skilled Trades area of study include: Computer Aided Design (CAD), Electrical/Electronic Engineering, Robotics and Automation, and many more.

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General Transfer Studies

Why not get your general education requirements out of the way for 1/3 the cost? Completing an associate in arts degree in general transfer studies at STLCC will help you hit the ground running when you transfer to the four-year school of your choice to finish your bachelor’s degree.

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General Fine Arts

Are you planning to transfer to a four-year art school or college to earn a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree? Enjoy both two-and three dimensional artwork creation through courses in painting, figure drawing, ceramics, sculpture, printmaking, design and other studio and imaging disciplines.

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General STEM Transfer

St. Louis Community College’s General STEM Transfer Studies, Associate in Science degree program is designed for students who plan to transfer to a four-year college or university and major in one of the traditional STEM areas (science, technology, engineering, and math) with a heavy emphasis on undergraduate mathematics or science.

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Health Sciences

Interested in a career in dental hygiene, nursing or respiratory care? According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, by 2020, the need for health care management professionals will grow by 22%. Now is the time to prepare for an exciting career that offers many rewards in the field of health sciences. Some of the programs offered under the Health Sciences area of study include: Dental Hygiene, Nursing, Sonography,  Paramedic Technology, and more. 

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Human Studies

Interested in addictions studies, funeral studies or becoming a paralegal? If you are the kind of person who has a core commitment to building a society based on social and economic justice and enhancing opportunities for human well being than human studies might be the right path for you. Some of the programs offered under the Human Studies area of study include: Addictions Studies, Criminal Justice, Funeral Directing, and many more.

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Science & Science Technology

Interested in biotechnology, horticulture or becoming a lab assistant? Whether you have a green thumb, or love research and finding answers to life's biggest questions, this may be the path for you! The programs offered under the Science and Science Technology area of study include: Biology, General STEM Transfer Studies, Horticulture, and Life Sciences Lab Assistant.

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