Deaf Communication Studies: American Sign Language

Deaf Communication Studies: American Sign Language

Certificate of Specialization (CS)

Offered through Arts and Communications

@ Florissant Valley | Wildwood

This program provides the instruction and hands-on experience needed to communicate effectively with deaf individuals through American Sign Language (ASL). Knowledge of ASL can be a valuable addition to a resume for people in a wide variety of service fields such as special education teachers, teaching assistants, nursing home personnel, educational advocates, social workers, nurses and more.

Required Courses

The recommended academic plan blends general education requirements with options for areas of concentration to ensure students get the most out of their certificate or degree.

Here is a list of all the courses needed to complete the degree. The course rotation starts each fall semester. No general education classes are required for the Certificate: American Sign Language. 


More than one million students have attended STLCC. It’s the largest institute of higher education in the region and the second largest in Missouri.


All American Sign Language classes are taught by deaf faculty in a total immersion format: no voice is permitted in these classes.

Flexible Schedule

This program offers the convenience of full- and part-time, day and evening classes. 

Hands on Learning

This program offers specialized resources and computer programs designed for learning a visual language.

The gainful employment regulation requires nondegree programs at community colleges to meet minimum thresholds with respect to the debt-to-income rates of their graduates. You can view the information for this program here as reported to the Department of Education.


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