Funeral Directing


Funeral Directing

Certificate of Specialization (CS)

Offered through Human Studies

@ Forest Park

This program prepares students for licensure as a funeral director and entry-level employment in a Missouri funeral establishment, as well as other states with similar licensing regulations. Funeral directors use counseling skills to assist families in coping with grief, adjusting to new situations and making appropriate funeral arrangements. This nontechnical certificate is geared toward the business and public relations aspects of operating a funeral home, and does not include courses in embalming.

Required Courses

The required courses list shows you the courses that you will need take to complete you degree. The semester by semester plan blends general education requirements with options for areas of concentration to ensure students get the most out of their certificate or degree.

Program Coordinator

David Coughran




The gainful employment regulation requires nondegree programs at community colleges to meet minimum thresholds with respect to the debt-to-income rates of their graduates. You can view the information for this program here as reported to the Department of Education.

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