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Accelerated IT Help Desk

Complete this degree in as little as 7 months!

Accelerated IT Help Desk Certificate

Certificate of Specialization (CS)

@ South County

Do you dream of working in IT? Are you looking for hands-on training that prepares you for an entry-level job making over $20/hour* in as little as 7 months? Register for the Accelerated IT Help Desk Certificate!

Required Courses

This recommended academic plan is an accelerated plan created for this specific pathway at our South County location.

Complete this degree in as little as 7 months

  • Have the skills needed for an entry-level IT job upon completion
  • Limited space—only 20 students allowed per cohort
  • Internship opportunities available with the STLCC Help Desk
  • Training prepares students for industry certifications, including CompTIA A+ and more

Combine Your Computer and People Skills

IT Help Desk/End User Support personnel, or computer support specialists, provide technical assistance to computer users. Help Desk staff are under pressure to act quickly and efficiently to solve the problem at hand. Personnel in this line of work routinely answer questions or resolve computer problems for clients in person, via telephone or electronically.

Support Specialists may provide assistance concerning the use of computer hardware and software, including printing, installation, word processing, electronic mail, and operating systems. You might be tasked with populating a FAQ database for your customers.

The ultimate goal of the Help Desk Staff is to offer first contact resolution as quickly and smoothly as possible. Students who enjoy meeting people, value strong communication skills and have the ability to convey an understanding of technical subject matters are the ideal candidates for this field of study.

About the Program

This certificate of specialization is a 24-credit-hour program that prepares students for help desk and desktop support technician positions. The foundational principles of end-user support include client operating system and application software, hardware and software installation, system configuration, problem diagnosis and resolution and computer security.

The demonstration of hands-on skills is critical to employers. Therefore, the courses in the program provide a combination of online, distance learning and intensive classroom based, hands-on skills development. Students completing the program are prepared for a variety of industry certification exams as well as entry-level employment interviews.

Opportunities in This Field

Opportunities for computer specialists are favorable, particularly for those with industry certifications. The healthcare industries show the most promise for IT Help Desk support personnel positions. There is a moderate amount of on-the-job training in these positions.

Salary Information

Computer support specialist position salaries vary by geographic location, amount of education and experience, and the type and size of the employer. According to the BLS, computer support specialists typically earn a median annual salary of $49,390 nationwide, depending on the position, with higher salaries in large metropolitan areas.

Students may visit meric.mo.gov for more local salary information.

Job Outlook

IT Computer Support Specialists have an in-demand skill set. Information from the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) indicates job prospects to be exceptional, with employment increasing by a minimum of 18 percent by 2020.

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