Speech Assistance

Receive one-on-one time with a public speaking coach and get help with the speech writing process.

Speech Assistance

Commonly ranked as one of the country’s top fears, public speaking can make even the most confident student’s palms sweaty. Unleash your inner speaker, or at least take the sting out of public speaking, with STLCC’s speech assistance.

We’ve all heard different tips for getting over stage fright, one sure-fire way to still the stress of stepping up to the stump is being confident in your presentation, knowledge of the topic and public speaking skills.

Enter the Speech Lab at our Florissant Valley campus.

This service gives you one-on-one time with a public speaking coach, ready to give advice on every stage of the speech writing process, including:

  • Organizing information
  • Outlining your presentation
  • Gathering visual aids
  • Verbal and nonverbal delivery
  • Tips to alleviate speech anxiety
  • Video recording and self critiquing

Scheduling your appointment

Schedule your 30-minute appointment today by calling Jamie Currier at 314-513-4023.

We understand nerves can spring up out of the blue, so we are open to walk ins. Just be aware that priority is always given to appointments.

Visiting the Speech Lab

We’re located in Instructional Resources (IR-211).

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