Supplemental Instruction

Our supplemental instruction program is like having your own coach, sharing their knowledge and guiding you through a difficult class. This program is so powerful in fact, participating students typically earn a letter grade higher than their peers.

How does it work?

This program matches traditionally difficult courses with a supplemental instruction (SI) leader. Your leader takes the course alongside you with the same instructor. Your assigned leader will hold additional supplemental instruction sessions to reinforce concepts presented in class by leading a more in-depth discussion and providing strategies to help you retain and utilize the necessary skills. Each week, your leader will host three to four out-of-class group sessions. While these meetings will be about what you’re learning in class, they’ll be a little different. Instead of your leader teaching like your instructor, they will provide you with additional help, specific strategies, and study skills.

The program offers you support from the beginning, not after there’s a problem, so you skip the stress of feeling lost or left behind. Use these sessions as study sessions and get to know your peers along with other ways of learning the material.

Who are the group leaders?

Our leaders are students who’ve already passed the class. They’re hand-picked by the instructor because of their understanding of the subject matter and great study skills.

Even though our SI Leaders have taken the course before, they’re still an active part of your class. They’re attending lessons, taking notes, completing homework, and reading assignments just like you.

The SI Leaders are trained to teach efficiently and to use different teaching strategies to reach all students. Like any great mentor, they won’t tell you the lesson you’re learning, but help you realize it on your own.

Does it work?

Time and time again, research has shown supplemental instruction programs work. College’s that use them see a boost in student success rates and reduced withdrawals.

At STLCC, we’ve found the same. On average, students who take part in the program earn a letter grade higher than their peers.

And we’re not the only one getting these results. This program is catching on nationally. More than 1,000 colleges across the country now use supplemental instruction programs.

How do I get involved?

This program is offered through the Academic Support Center. Typically, SI Leaders are already assigned to traditionally difficult courses such as math, psychology, etc. If you have an SI Leader in your course please contact your home campus Academic Support Center for more details.

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