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Understanding yourself involves self-assessment and learning about various educational and career paths that fit your interests, skills, values, and abilities.

In the Discover phase you should have earned 0-18 credit hours.

Questions to Ask Yourself During the Discover Phase

Identify how your personality will fit in with specific work environments and careers by using the FOCUS 2 Personality Summary.

Discover careers that might interest you by using the FOCUS 2: Interest Inventory.

Compare your skills to the skills required by a particular occupation by using the FOCUS 2: Skills Checklist.

When your personal values line up with the values at your workplace your satisfaction and confidence in life will increase greatly. Use the FOCUS 2: Evaluate Work Values Summary resource and complete the career action plan worksheet to learn more.

What Actions Can You Take in the Discover Phase?

  • Learn about the resources available to you at St. Louis Community College
  • Meet with an academic advisor to start your PATH to success
  • Meet with a career specialist to become familiar with services
  • Begin the self-assessment process. What do you like? What don’t you like? Conduct self-exploration with FOCUS 2
  • Explore academic programs at STLCC
  • Explore student clubs, organizations, student government, and extracurricular activities
  • Learn about internships to gain experience in your field
  • Complete an informational interview with a professional in your field of interest
  • Develop your resume and start drafting a cover letter
  • Attend or volunteer for the career fairs
  • Volunteer with campus organizations that you are interested in joining
  • Join Handshake, your new career management platform, to explore career paths, find jobs and internships, and connect with students and alumni that have landed the job you want. 
  • Seek possible on-campus employment or an off-campus part-time position to gain work experience
  • Seek a peer mentor

Meet with an Academic Advisor or Career Specialist

Academic advisors and career specialists are available to assist you in making your career connections.

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