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Learning and researching a career and/or educational path that matches interest, skills, abilities, and values.

In the Explore phase you should have earned 19-30 credit hours.

Objectives During the Explore Phase

Discover connections between majors and career paths that match Personality, Interests, Skills, and Values. Understand job outlook, trends, salary information and requirements for specific careers.


Gain valuable inside knowledge of particular careers of interest. Gain knowledge of educational options related to careers interest.


  • Set up informational interviews in careers of interest
  • Work or volunteer in an area of interest
  • Explore STLCC Programs
  • Complete the occupational research worksheet

What Actions Can You Take in the Explore Phase?

  • Finalize your academic plan with your academic advisor
  • Meet with a career specialist to become familiar with services including updating your resume and creating a cover letter template
  • Review the results or complete the assessments on FOCUS 2
  • Become familiar with majors and programs offered at St. Louis Community College
  • Participate in clubs, organizations, student government, and extracurricular activities on campus
  • Attend or volunteer for the career fairs
  • Join Handshake, your new career management platform, to explore career paths, find jobs and internships, and connect with students and alumni that have landed the job you want.
  • Create a LinkedIn account
  • Develop your elevator pitch
  • Attend the transfer and career fairs

Meet with an Academic Advisor or Career Specialist

Academic advisors and career specialists are available to assist you in making your career connections.

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