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Deanna Meyer

Deanna Meyer portrait in STLCC classroom with telescopes

Deanna Meyer

Title: Geodesist

STLCC Program: General Transfer Studies

Years Attended: 2016–2018

Deanna returned to school unsure of what she wanted to do in life, until she found her calling in STEM at STLCC. Now she holds multiple degrees, including her master's, and works as a scientist transforming how we perceive Earth and satellite data.

Q&A with Deanna

Q: When did you take classes at St. Louis Community College?

A: I enrolled at STLCC-Wildwood in 2016, six years after graduating high school. When I first started, I didn't know what I wanted to do, but I knew I needed to do something. 

I considered journalism initially, but after taking a few math and science courses and experiencing success, I decided to shift my focus. My confidence grew as I performed well, and I continued pushing myself by taking more challenging courses. While I wasn't sure of my transfer plans, I decided to take as many science and math courses as possible so I'd be well-positioned for my next step. 

Q: What degree did you earn from STLCC?

A: In 2018, I graduated from STLCC with an associate degree in general transfer studies. Afterward, I transferred to Saint Louis University (SLU) and completed bachelor's degrees in geophysics and geology. I also minored in engineering mathematics and earned a geographic information systems (GIS) certificate. 

While working on my GIS certificate, I had the unique opportunity to apply for a research assistant position to support a new initiative at SLU. I was selected for the role and spent the next two years completing graduate courses in civil engineering while supporting faculty as they conducted interdisciplinary research to address water resource challenges. In May 2023, I graduated with my master's degree in civil engineering and received a job offer to work as a geodesist. 

Q: What are you doing career-wise now, and what does your position entail?

A: A geodesist specializes in geodesy and satellite technology. Geodesy is the science of measuring and understanding the Earth's shape, size, and magnetic and gravitational fields. As a geodesist, I use these findings to observe Earth and determine its effect on satellite-based navigation.

Q: What is your favorite thing about your current role?

A: I enjoy what I'm doing because I get to work every day with a wonderful group of highly educated individuals. Being around so many genuinely supportive and intelligent co-workers motivates me to continue learning and broaden my expertise. Fortunately, through my work, I have numerous opportunities to continue my education and research in various scientific fields, including Earth and planetary science.

Q: What led you to take classes at STLCC?

A: College was not a road I expected to take. As a kid, I aspired to become an Olympic figure skater. I trained competitively for years and was homeschooled for about half my childhood so I could pursue that dream. Sports were the priority in my household, so I didn't consider higher education the key to a bright future.

However, right around my high school graduation, my parents divorced and the transition was tougher than expected. It took time for me to adjust—I needed time to grow up and reevaluate my life before I could focus on my future and a potential career. 

I spent the next six years working odd jobs, mostly as a bartender and waitress. Eventually, I hit a wall and knew I had to stop squandering my potential. I wanted to find a path in life that excited me, so I began exploring college options. STLCC-Wildwood was my first choice because it was close to home and affordable. 

Q: How did STLCC support and prepare you for where you are today?

A: I found Wildwood to be an incredibly supportive campus community. One example of this support occurred at the end of my first year. I was honored with an Excellence in Chemistry Award and an Excellence in History Award from faculty at the year-end student awards banquet. I had never excelled in an academic setting before, so these awards held particular significance and solidified that my reinvestment into academics was the right choice. They also signified that the faculty recognized my potential and took a vested interest in supporting and encouraging my growth at STLCC and beyond.

Q: What was your favorite thing about attending STLCC?

A: Since I wasn't active in extracurriculars in high school, I decided to make the most of my college experience and get connected at STLCC. I made some incredible friends by getting involved with campus life—some of whom I'm still close with today. 

My club involvement helped me stay engaged in and out of the classroom. I had a lot of fun giving back to the local community and participating in activities with Amnesty International, Science Club, Green-4-Life, Student Government Association and Phi Theta Kappa. Ultimately, my involvement with campus life and maintaining solid grades played a crucial role in helping me secure a generous transfer scholarship to SLU. 

Q: Do you have a memorable class or professor you’d like to shout out?

A: All of the professors I had at STLCC-Wildwood deserve my thanks for getting me to where I am today. The level of expertise they carry and the passion with which they teach is truly amazing.

Q: What advice would you give someone considering your career path?

A: At STLCC, I had the opportunity to explore my interests, challenge myself, and discover my potential. While I never predicted I would be good at science and math, I gained confidence with each course I took. I started with remedial level math my first semester, yet I earned a master's degree in civil engineering seven years later. Anything is possible, and I'm an example of that.

If you are interested in a STEM field, I encourage you to explore it, even if it seems difficult. Take a leap and put your best foot forward. You may discover that you can excel not only in a class like chemistry but in subsequent advanced courses as well. 


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