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Lean Transformations

A Lean Transformation is a focused constantly occurring process that eliminates all types of waste.

How Does a Lean Transformation Happen?

Lean transformations happen when an organization does the following:

  • Assesses the degree to which the organization is prepared for a transition to Lean. To do this, we recommend the use of our well-tested and highly successful Lean Deployment Survey/Stimulator.
  • Optimizes the organization’s physical work spaces to prepare for the application of Lean tools. To do this, we recommend our widely used and very effective 5S Implementation System.
  • Prepares an organization’s managers and supervisors to serve as very competent coaches in support of the transition to Lean. To develop this type of leadership cadre, we have used in a wide variety of industries with very positive results our Lean Leadership Certification Program.
  • Carefully analyzes and improves the flow of work for the purpose of eliminating waste. Our Learning to See: Making Value Stream Mapping Deliver series of seminars will help make this happen.
  • Systematically changes the organization’s culture making it congruent with Lean beliefs. Clients have found that our Lean Culture Change Symposia stimulates and focuses the organization making it a potent driver of change.

What Are The Results of a Lean Transformation?

A true lean transformation occurs when an organization views lean as a complete change in beliefs, management practices and production processes. Lean often fails and when it does it is because the organization sees lean as a collection of tools rather than a transformation of beliefs, practices and processes.

What Outcomes Do Clients Report When a Lean Transformation Happens?

  • Increased productivity by 49%.
  • Reclaimed manufacturing space valued at over $850,000.
  • Gained over 25,000 square feet of warehouse space.
  • Saved more than 520,000 non-value added steps per year.
  • Identified $250,000+ worth of unused equipment which was redistributed to other departments.

What are participants in our Lean Transformation training saying?

“What a great set of experiences! This training really fueled my enthusiasm and gave a tremendous boost to my passion for improvement.”

“The training was just great! I’d recommend it for all managers and supervisors. I learned a lot I can apply right now on the job.”

“Great seminars. Really enjoyed your presentation of value-stream mapping.”

Contact one of our Lean Transformation Team Leaders to start the conversation. Phone George Friesen at 314-303-0612 or Eric Whitehead at 314-539-5022.

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