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Committed to Sustainability

Our planet, our mission

Since the 1960s, we’ve considered protecting and conserving the environment as an integral part of our mission to serve the community.

We live this responsibility by:

  • Promoting green practices and infusing these concepts into specific programs
  • Fostering awareness in the community
  • Incorporating sustainability into our building and business practices

LEED Certified Facilities

Going Green

We’re constantly trying to reduce our environmental footprint, including:

  • Retrofitting light and water sensors to save electricity
  • Adding heating and cooling systems to improve efficiencies
  • Tracking and analyzing our emissions
  • Electric cars on campus grounds and police vehicles
  • Evaluating the environmental impact in all contracts
  • Partnering with sustainable vendors
  • Employing waste management services that recycle

Green Education

Sustainability takes center stage in many of our programs and degrees. Browse our programs to find your fit in a green future.

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