Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan


“The benefits of a [strategic] plan to a higher education institution are significant. It will allow us to accomplish our critical goals.”
-Dr. Jeff L. Pittman, Chancellor

Strategic Plan

In 2015, we began the process of imagining what our future will look like and the challenges we will have to overcome to get there. With the help of community leaders and strategic partners, we began a planning process that included stakeholder engagement, self analysis and high-level initiatives.

Letting our vision lead the way and our core values keep us on track, we created the following plan to guide our strategic initiatives and board goals through 2020.

Our Core Values

Academic Excellence: Expect high standards in academic endeavors. 

Learning: Acknowledge and value the unique needs and potential of each learner. 

Integrity: Demonstrate personal and professional behaviors that are ethical and transparent.

Accountability: Be responsible for actions that demonstrate a commitment to St. Louis Community College's vision, mission, core values and strategic priorities. 

Innovation: Support risk-taking for creative solutions to realize our vision. 

Dignity and Civility: foster a culture of equity and inclusion through thoughtful, candid and respectful interactions. 

Intercultural Competence: Cultivate understanding of and appreciation for different cultures. 

Strategic Initiatives

Fostering Student Success

Your success is our priority. We want to help our students earn the degrees and credentials that leads to high-wage employment or further higher education opportunities.

  • Improve student persistence, retention and rates of transfer, graduation and job placement
  • Develop clear and streamlined academic and career pathways
  • Ensure high-quality academic programs that result in employment, credentials and transfers for students

Providing a Premier Student Experience

From filling out your application, to walking across the graduation stage, we want to provide a seamless and enjoyable student experience.

  • Create and implement a clear enrollment management plan that recruits students and keeps them engage through the process so more students successfully register and enroll
  • Clearly layout the pathway from recruitment through graduation by streamlining, simplifying and communicating college processes
  • Empower college staff to proactively support students in every step of their education

Strengthening Community Awareness and Relationships

We aim to expand partnerships with local schools and business by advocating for our most valuable product: our students.

  • Strengthen and promote the STLCC brand
  • Connect with external partners to address the needs of the diverse communities we serve
  • Communicate the college’s comprehensive offerings

Aligning with Workforce Needs

We work with area employers and university partners to ensure our programming, incumbent worker training and continuing education opportunities meet their needs.

  • Establish STLCC as the premier workforce training asset in the region through branding
  • Align workforce programs to reflect the high-demand labor market needs
  • Enhance and expand lifelong learning, worker training and pre-employment training opportunities

Promoting Accountability, Excellence, Innovation, Continuous Improvement and Diversity and Inclusion

We don’t want to stop improving. We strive to create a culture in all areas of the college that continuously aims to be better.

  • Encourage informed risk-taking and experimental leading throughout the college
  • Implement a continuous improvement model across the institution
  • Foster a culture of transparency and accountability about individual and organization performance
  • Embrace diversity and inclusion

Securing a Reliable Resource Base

To continue to provide high-quality academic and career training to the community, we must ensure state and local funding remains in place.

  • Educate local and state government agencies about STLCC’s mission, brand and values
  • Secure external support to supplement current funding
  • Align resources to strategic goals and objectives
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