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Virtual Ireland

An introduction to Ireland's amazing culture, history, and society

Virtual Ireland

This virtual 16-module course helps students develop cultural competency and global awareness. Students who complete this online course will receive a certificate in cultural competency from ISA Ireland, which is an excellent micro-credential for a resume.

We are delighted to offer this fully funded online virtual program designed to develop students’ cultural competency, critical and comparative thinking skills, and professional development through a study of the narratives of Ireland, past and present.

Irish history and culture can provide a very interesting platform for all students, whatever their own heritage. As an English-speaking country with elements of culture that are in places, very familiar, and in other ways, unique, this course provides an interesting, friendly online campus for students to internationalize their approach to learning.


Institute of Study Abroad Ireland

Besides this amazing online course, our partner, the ISAIreland offers excellent study abroad and professional development programs that teach about cultural, social, historical, and various other aspects of Ireland helping students and faculty grow academically, culturally and personally.

Who Should Apply?

STLCC students and community members who are interested to expand their global knowledge and learn about the Irish education, language, culture, and traditions.

How to Apply?

First complete and submit the STLCC study abroad online form for Virtual Ireland to receive additional information and instructions about the application and coupon code.

Click on this link for a preview of the course.

Eligibility Requirements

All interested St. Louis Community College students are eligible for this online program.

Program Highlights

  • 16 module, 30-hour course with classes on the history and culture of Ireland, and contemporary Ireland in the 21 century.
  • Each module focuses on narratives which can also be identified in American experiences past and present.
  • Online classes include outdoor site visits, guest speakers and professors, and interviews with Irish people across a diverse spectrum.
  • Modules include a resource list and post-class video assignments.
  • Students can start and complete the course and assignments at their own schedule and pace.
  • Each program has a pre- and post-program survey, to provide data for you on the success of the learning outcomes of this program. It is the ideal way to provide a cultural competency program without the travel component.

Earn St. Louis Community College Credit

Global Education Studies GLE 101 (1-3 Credit Hours), or independent study college credit may be arranged on individual basis. Contact the program coordinator for more information. Students who complete the course will receive a certificate of cultural competency from ISA Ireland.

Program Costs

This program is fully funded by our partner ISA Ireland and available to STLCC students. Contact the coordinator for registration details and coupon code.

Program Dates

The program is available year around. Specifics will be determined on individual basis.

Cancellation Policy

Will be determined on individual basis depending on the registration and program start date.


Christopher Sulincevski

International Education Coordinator




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Non-Discrimination Statement

St. Louis Community College is committed to creating inclusive, welcoming, and respectful learning and working environments focused on the needs of our diverse communities. The College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, disability, protected veteran status, and any other status protected by applicable state or federal law. The College’s nondiscrimination policies apply to any phase of its employment process, any phase of its admission, or financial aid programs, and all of its educational programs or activities.

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