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Rev Up Your Career in the Automotive Service Industry

St. Louis Community College's automotive technology programs combine general education with specialized training in the eight Automotive Service Excellence (ASE) areas. These programs offer hands-on instruction and prepare you for ASE certification tests. You’ll master industry-standard safety procedures and learn how to conduct thorough vehicle inspections. You can also pursue additional certifications to further enhance your skills and career prospects.

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What is Automotive Technology at St. Louis Community College?

Automotive technicians apply their expertise in mechanical and electrical systems to ensure the proper functioning, safety and performance of cars, trucks and other motorized vehicles. Students enrolled in STLCC's automotive technology programs are trained in the industry-standard areas of specialization, which include:

  • Engine repair
  • Automatic transmission/transaxle
  • Manual drive train and axles
  • Suspension and steering
  • Brakes
  • Electrical/electronic systems
  • Heating and air conditioning
  • Engine performance

STLCC offers three different types of credentials to suit your career goals:

  • Associate of Applied Science (AAS): a comprehensive degree that combines automotive training with general education courses.
  • Certificate of Proficiency (CP): an in-depth certificate program focusing on automotive training designed to prepare students for employment in the automotive service and repair industry.
  • Certificate of Specialization (CS): a program that teaches the essential skills needed to perform typical services in the ASE areas.
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What Can You Do with an Automotive Technology Degree?

Graduates with an automotive technology degree are well-prepared for employment in the automotive service and repair industry. You'll be equipped to diagnose and repair vehicles, perform maintenance tasks and work in various settings such as repair shops, dealerships and fleet maintenance departments.






Automotive Technology Programs

  • Degree offered: Associate in applied science, certificate of proficiency, certificate of specialization
  • Locations: Forest Park
  • AAS Hours to complete: 61
  • CP Hours to complete: 43
  • CS Hours to complete: 15
  • Program contact name: Joe Jackson
  • Program contact email: jjackson519@stlcc.edu

Cost of Attendance

Tuition for district residents is $122 per credit hour for in-district students. Find out more about our straightforward and low-cost tuition structure.

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Why You Should Choose STLCC's Automotive Technology Programs

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Graduate With Little or No Debt

We believe cost should never be a barrier to achieving your potential. Save over $4,700 per year with tuition that's one-third lower than other local institutions.

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Build Skills You Need with Stackable Credentials

Stackable credentials help you level up your career opportunities without investing a large amount of time and resources. You can stack or assemble a series of traditional and nontraditional credentials including degrees, certificates, apprenticeships and more.

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Ramp Up High Wage Skills

STLCC offers career-focused programs for high-wage, high-skill and in-demand jobs. STLCC provides opportunities for college transfers, career development and workforce training. Certificate programs can establish you in a new career in as few as 12 weeks. 

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Unlock Career Opportunities

"I knew nothing about cars before I went to college. STLCC opened the door for me right away because Firestone came in and recruited students. I worked at Firestone while going to school and got to practice what I was learning." - Worku Muche, automotive technology graduate

Come as you are. See what you become.

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