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State of the St. Louis Workforce

Understanding the workforce is the first step in developing talent and building partnerships. The State of the St. Louis Workforce reports and events provide annual insights into the trends and needs of the Greater St. Louis Region's employers and labor market.

Download the 2020 State of the St. Louis Workforce report

Thank you for attending our Nov. 18 live virtual event!

The 2020 State of the St. Louis Workforce report and infographic summary are available to download along with a PDF of the event slide decks. We thank those who attended and participated in our virtual report release event. Check out the recorded event below!

Our Workforce, Our Mission

To set our students up for success, we need to teach them relevant skills for in-demand fields. To teach them those skills, we need to understand the needs of the workforce.

Through our research, we are able to shape our programs so that our graduates are equipped to excel in the job market.

Each year, we invest time and resources into taking an in-depth look at the job market around us. We then present our findings to the community at our State of the St. Louis Workforce event. The 2020 report examines the impact COVID-19 has had on employers and individuals and what we need to do to move forward.

Download the 2020 Report

Prior to COVID-19, last year's report questioned if our region had achieved a full-employment economy and discussed who had been left behind. Our 2020 report has expanded to explore the shorter-term impacts of COVID-19 on our region's workforce and the implications of what lies ahead. While many employers and workers in the St. Louis region have faced challenges during the past 12 months, a sense of resiliency remains for many, and hints of optimism are starting to emerge.
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Download the 2019 Report

Our 2019 survey of 1,144 employers from 16 industry sectors represents a composite of the St. Louis regional economy. More than one-third of employers reported that they were experiencing a shortage of skilled applicants. The percentage of employers reporting they will hire new full-time employees has dropped by six percent. And employers are continuing to balance a desire for experience and education with the need to maintain a pipeline of candidates in a low unemployment economy. In addition, you'll discover perspectives from three local organizations as they discuss who is being left behind in our full-employment economy, why, and what is being done to eliminate those gaps.
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