State of St. Louis Workforce

Understanding the workforce is the first step in developing talent for it. We explore the trends and needs of our local marketplace and share our findings with you.

Panel discussion at the 2017 State of St. Louis Workforce event.

Our Workforce, Our Mission

To set our students up for success, we need to teach them relevant skills for in-demand fields. To teach them those skills, we need to understand the needs of the workforce.

Each year, we invest time and resources into taking an in-depth look at the job market around us. We then present our findings to the community at our State of St. Louis Workforce event. Each August, we share this report and bring in local leaders to speak to the needs and concerns it uncovers.

Through our research, we are able to shape our programs so that our graduates are equipped to excel in the job market.

State fo the St. Louis Workforce 2018, celebrating 10 years

Dr. Pittman at the State of St. Louis Workforce Event

Attend the 2018 State of St. Louis Workforce Event

Investing in the future of the St. Louis Workforce

Wednesday, August 8, 2018, 8 a.m.
The Mildred E. Bastian Theatre
St. Louis Community College - Forest Park
5600 Oakland Ave, St. Louis, Missouri

The event is free, but registration is required.
Register now at the St. Louis Business Journal.

State of St. Louis Workforce 2017 Report

Download the 2017 Report

Our survey of nearly 1,100 employers from fifteen industry sectors represents a composite of the St. Louis regional economy. This year's theme is “Right in the middle: Skills at the center of the St. Louis economy.” It focuses particular attention on middle-skill jobs, those that require education or training beyond high school but not a four-year degree. Individuals can prepare for these jobs in a variety of ways including community college degrees and certificates, industry recognized credentials, and formal and informal apprenticeships.
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