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First Time College Students

First-time College Students

Do you have your high school diploma or GED, but have never taken a college class? Then you're a First-time College Student.

Now is your moment.

Beginning your education with STLCC means individual attention, access to nearly 80 unique programs and a world of possibilities after graduation - all without building a mountain of debt.

If this is your first-time attending college since completing high school or earning a GED, and you want to earn a certificate or degree from STLCC, or transfer to a 4-year university, then you’re a first-time college student.

Follow these easy steps to register as a first-time student:

  1. (Tip: if you're not interested in earning a certificate or degree from STLCC, apply as non-degree-seeking selected courses.)

  2. Get connected - Activate your MySTLCC username and email by entering your student A number, last name and date of birth.
  3. Login to Navigate - Use your MySTLCC email and password to login. Navigate will keep you updated on important deadlines, events and activities.
  4. Submit your transcript - If you want to earn a degree or certificate at STLCC, you need to submit your final, official high school transcript. Contact your high school to have this sent to STLCC - Registrar's office.
  5. Apply for financial aid - Complete your FAFSA if you haven’t already done so using the STLCC school code 002469. Then complete and file all financial aid documentation to STLCC for processing.
  6. Complete Archer Preview - First-time college students must complete Archer Orientation. You will start this process by viewing an orientation video that provides important information about STLCC. View the video at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=v-y8a1Gdcq8&feature=youtu.be.
  7. Meet with an advisor and register for classes – Meet one-on-one with a professional advisor to review your current high school transcript and ACT scores if you have them, and guide your placement for English, math and reading courses. Your advisor will also work with you to explore programs of study and select the appropriate classes for your educational goals. Your advisor will assist you in registering for the classes that best meet your needs. Schedule an academic advising appointment through Navigate.
  8. Apply for scholarships - Looking for additional funds to go toward your tuition? After you’ve registered for classes, take time to explore our wide variety of scholarships.
  9. Pay for your classes - After you’ve registered, you can pay for your classes in full by cash, check or credit card at the Cashier’s office on campus or online through Banner Self-Service. You are also able to spread out your maintenance fees over a period of time through a payment plan.
  10. Complete Archer Ready! - Now that you’re officially enrolled, prepare for your first semester at STLCC by attending an Archer Ready event. Pick up your STLCC OneCard, parking pass and Metro U-Pass, buy your books and learn more about Archer Welcome events designed to help you be academically successful! Schedule your Archer Ready event at https://orientation.stlcc.edu/

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