STLCC Police Department

St. Louis Community College values the safety of everyone in our community. The STLCC Police Department strives to provide a safe atmosphere for students, faculty, staff and visitors by providing excellent law enforcement services. They are truly a part of the community they are sworn to serve.

STLCC Police on Campus

Always call 911 in an emergency.

Whether you’re reporting an emergency or are simply looking for someone to walk you to your car, you can contact your campus police at the following numbers:

  • Florissant Valley: 314-513-4300
  • Forest Park: 314-644-9700
  • Meramec: 314-984-7667
  • Wildwood: 636-422-2000 

STLCC Alerts

In the event of a campus emergency, it's our goal to keep you informed as quick as possible. Every student, faculty and staff members are automatically enrolled in STLCC Alerts - the College’s emergency messaging system.

Learn more about STLCC Alerts

How we help keep you safe

You may think our campus police are only there to help in an emergency, but our security team can assist in you in a number of ways while you are on campus. 

Emergency Call Boxes

Help is just a push of a button away. These bright red boxes with blue lights on top can be found across our campuses. If you find yourself in an emergency, bad situation or needing assistance, all you have to do is press the red button. Remember, the boxes work like walkie-talkies, so after you hear an officer respond, you will need to press the button again to talk.

Car Assistance

Locked out? Dead Battery? No problem.Nothing hinders the end-of-the-day excitement like coming to your car and seeing your keys sitting on the driver’s seat of your locked car, or the heart-wrenching click-click-click of a dead car battery. Call campus police for assistance.

Secure Escort

Feel safe walking on campus. Any time, day or night. Between studying, evening classes and campus activities, your day extends well past the typical nine-to-five. If you ever feel uncomfortable getting around campus after dark, contact campus police and an officer will walk you to where you need to go.

Meet the Campus Police Leadership

Message from the Chief

Meet the men and women who keep our campuses safe and secure.

Command Staff

Crime on campus

The best way to keep you safe is complete transparency about crime on campus. Crime on campus is rare, but if something does happen, we want you to be aware.

As required by the U.S. Department of Education, pursuant to the Jeanne Clery Act, our Campus Crime Report is published annually before the end of September, and is available in paper copy upon request. This report contains information on campus security and personal safety, and provides statistics for the three previous calendar years regarding reported crimes that occurred on campus, in off-campus buildings owned or controlled by the College and on public property within or immediately adjacent to and accessible from a campus.

In our continual review of statistical information, we discovered inadequate information listed in the annual security report. An updated 2018 St. Louis Community College Annual Security Report reflects corrections on pages 133 and 145 to accurately account for hate-related crimes on STLCC property. Please review the corrected version and discard any previous copies of the 2018 report.

*Updated version as of Nov. 30, 2018.

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