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Scholarship Information

Even at our affordable rate, paying for college can still be a challenge. Applying for scholarships can help you worry less today, as you prepare for your career tomorrow.


There are two basic groups of scholarships at St. Louis Community College. The first group is managed by the STLCC Foundation and required an application for each scholarship. These scholarships may have a variety of conditions and requirements (specific majors or attending a particular campus) but there is sure to be one that fits your situation and needs. Awarded based on merit. The catch is you have to seek these opportunities out and apply. Browser our scholarship directory to find one that matches your situation and we make it easy for you to apply.

Browse our Foundation scholarships

Search the STLCC Foundation to find a scholarship that’s the right fit for you.
Please wait 24 hours after registering for classes to login and apply for scholarships.

Hites Foundation Community College Transfer Scholarship

The Hites Foundation Community College Transfer Scholarship is designed to assist students transferring from STLCC to an accredited four-year institution seeking a bachelor's degree. Awarded students will receive a scholarship to their four-year institution of $1,000 per semester, up to four semesters as long as they continue to meet scholarship requirements.

Please submit application and required material to the STLCC Foundation, Foundation@stlcc.edu.

STLCC Board of Trustee Scholarships

The second group of scholarships is our STLCC Board of Trustee Scholarships. These scholarships are very different in that they do NOT require an application to receive one of these. They are provided on a first-come, first-serve basis for those students that qualify.

Click any opportunity shown below for more details about each scholarship.

Athletic Scholarship

Athletic Scholarships

Athletes with at least a 2.0 GPA and a coach nomination are eligible for this board scholarship.
Continuing Student Scholarship

Book Scholarship

This award can help offset book costs for students who don’t qualify for federal aid.
Book Scholarship

Continuing Student Academic Scholarship

If you’re halfway to your degree with a 3.0 GPA or up, you could qualify for this scholarship.
Emerging Scholar Scholarship

Emerging Scholar Scholarship

Taken two developmental courses and earned 24 credit hours? This scholarship could be for you.
Honors College Scholarship

Honors College Scholarship

Honors college students can apply or be nominated by the advisory board for this award.
Last Chance Grant

Last Chance Grant

If you don’t receive federal aid, this scholarship helps you afford the final push of your degree.
Returning Adults Scholarship

Returning Adults Scholarship

If you’re at least 24 and have no college experience you may qualify for this scholarship.
Student Leadership Scholarship

Student Leadership Scholarship

This scholarship recognizes leaders in campus life and student organizations.
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