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Environmental, Health & Safety

St. Louis Community College is committed to providing a safe learning, teaching, and working environment for all students, faculty, employees, and visitors while minimizing our impact on the environment.

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Members of the campus community are required to uphold the protection of safety, health, and the environment by:

  • Preventing and minimizing hazards, assessing and controlling risks, reducing pollution, and continuously improving our practices regarding safety, health, and environmental protection;
  • Protecting and maintaining safe and environmentally responsible facilities for teaching, research, public service, work, and campus living;
  • Assuring compliance with applicable federal, state, and local regulations providing for occupational safety, health, and environmental protection;
  • Promptly reporting accidents and hazardous situations to the Environmental, Health & Safety Office so that appropriate remediation can be taken.

Environmental, Health, & Safety develops and executes comprehensive health and safety programs for the College.

Environmental, Health, and Safety provides expertise and advice for compliance with federal, state and local health regulations, as well as current professional practices and guidelines. Our goal is to prevent injury, illnesses, and environmental damage through the recognition, evaluation, and control of potential hazards arising from college activities.

Lab Waste Management Plan

Chemical Hygiene Plan (revised 6/2023)

BBP Exposure Control Plan


Student Incident Report Form

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