Facebook pixel High School + STLCC Classes = Achievement, Part Four

High School + STLCC Classes = Achievement, Part Four

A Special Series Presented by St. Louis Community College
St. Louis Community College provides several opportunities for area high school students to earn college credit before they graduate. In some cases, students can complete both their high school diploma and an associate degree at the same time. STLCC is proud to share the voices of students in these programs. This is the final installment of a four-part series that explores how young STLCC students benefit from an early college experience.

Prado Fast-Tracks His Four-Year Degree at STLCC

Early College StudentsDiego Prado, a junior at Lafayette High School, had planned to take five Advanced Placement classes this year. However, after learning about the Early College program, he jumped at the chance to earn his associate degree at STLCC instead.

“I chose to apply for the Early College program because the tuition was free, and I wanted to fast-track my four-year degree,” he said. “The program is a great fit because it allows me to explore college while also earning credits that are guaranteed to transfer.”

In addition to taking 14 credit hours — a full course load at STLCC-Wildwood — Prado remains connected to his friends at Lafayette. He’s a two-sport athlete, competing on both the varsity swimming and water polo team. He also works part-time at a local restaurant, picking up shifts in between his classes and practices.

Diego Prado

Maria Chavez is proud her son is in the program.

“When we learned that Diego could earn college credit while continuing to compete in high school sports, we encouraged him to apply,” she said. “Not only is the college schedule attractive, but the money we’re saving on his college tuition is a major benefit.”

Prado is on track to graduate from STLCC-Wildwood in May 2023 with an associate degree in general transfer studies. After graduation, he plans to pursue a bachelor’s degree in engineering.

“While I’m not sure what area of engineering I want to focus on, I know I’ll be well-positioned to transfer to a four-year university after high school,” he said.

STLCC launched the early college program at Wildwood in the fall of 2017 with students from the Rockwood and Meramec Valley school districts. Parkway School District joined the program the following year. Since its inception, more than 250 students have participated in the early college program at Wildwood.


Interested in Taking College Courses While Still in High School?

Through dual credit, dual enrollment, Early College, Jump Start to College, and Make It Count, high school students have options to start their college education in ways that are cost-effective. STLCC is proud to share the voices of students in these programs.

Learn More About College Credit in High School

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