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Early College

Finish your first two years of college – before you’ve graduated high school!

What Is Early College?

Early college students spend their junior and senior years of high school taking college classes full time. This fully-immersive college experience allows students to get a real college experience, graduating with both a high school diploma and an Associate’s Degree.

Why Early College?

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Earn Your Diploma and Your Degree

We work with your high school to ensure that the classes you take at STLCC earn high school credit, too. This means you stay on track for high school graduation, while working toward an Associate’s Degree at STLCC.

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Enjoy the Best of Both Worlds

With school permission, you can still participate in high school extracurriculars, sports and events. Enjoy the best of what your high school and STLCC campuses have to offer!

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Credits that Transfer

When you choose STLCC, you choose to earn credits that are designed to transfer. So when you move on to another college or university, you can trust the work you’ve put in will count. Learn more about Missouri's CORE 42 Program for classes that are transferable, guaranteed.


Each partner high school maintains their own application process. In addition to your high school’s requirements, you must also be junior with a 2.0 GPA or higher at the start of the program. This requirement ensures you’ll have enough time to earn an Associate’s Degree before high school graduation.

Students who are homeschooled or at non-participating high schools should follow the enrollment steps outlined on the Dual Enrollment webpage, then work with their academic advisors to layout a 2-year plan. 

Classes taken through Early College are dual enrollment classes and are charged at the dual enrollment rate. The current in-district rate is $72.50/credit hour. However, some school districts cover partial or full cost of attendance. Check with your high school counselor to learn more about your school’s program. Current rates and fees are available on our Tuition & Fees page.

Participating Schools & Districts

Affton School District
Ladue School District
Ritenour School District
Bayless School District
Lindbergh Schools
Riverview Gardens School District
School District of Clayton
Maplewood Richmond Heights School District
Rockwood School District
Hancock Place School District
Mehlville School District
St. Louis Public Schools
Hazelwood School District (Hazelwood East)
Meramec Valley R-III School District (Pacific High School)
University City School District
Jennings School District
Parkway School District
Webster Groves School District
Kirkwood School District
Pattonville School District


Don’t see your high school on the list? Contact your high school administrators or reach out to our team at earlycollege@stlcc.edu or 314-513-4216.

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