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Dual Credit

Dual Credit

You take your high school courses seriously. So why not use your hard work to shave semesters—and some serious dollars—off of your education? Earn college credit for what you’re already doing: taking challenging courses at your high school.

What Is Dual Credit?

Dual credit classes are college credit-bearing classes taught by high school teachers, usually at your high school. These classes align with classes taught on STLCC campuses. This ensures you're getting a college-level experience that conveniently fits your schedule.

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Save Money Today for Tomorrow

Even at highly-discounted rates, other programs cost around 60% more than our dual-credit program. Dual credit classes cost just $25 per credit hour.

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Earn Credits for Your Diploma & Your Degree

With STLCC's partnerships with local high schools, you'll stay on track for graduating, while earning college credit from STLCC.

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Start Here,
Go Anywhere

Choose credits that are designed to transfer with STLCC with Missouri's CORE 42 Program for classes that transfer, guaranteed.

Enroll in Dual Credit

Set up your first semester as a dual-credit student by:

1. Applying to STLCC Apply to STLCC by completing the dual credit application at apply.stlcc.edu
2. Find Your A# You will receive an A# via email shortly after submitting your STLCC application. Your A# is an important identifier that you will need to know to register for classes, so don't lose it.
3. View the Course List View a list of the dual credit courses available and keep note of the classes you're interested in taking.
4. Submit Your Class Request During our registration window, fill out the Dual Credit Class Request form to ensure you're registered in your classes. This form will be linked above when registration is active. Our team will register you in your classes and send you a confirmation email when registration is complete.
5. Complete Parent/Guardian Authorization An approval email will be sent to your parent/guardian as soon as you submit your class request form. Your parent must complete the approval form before you can be registered for dual credit.
6. Pay for Your Classes Pay for your classes in full by cash, check or credit card at the Cashier’s Office on campus or online through Banner Self-Service.
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To participate in the dual-credit program, you must demonstrate you’re ready for college classes. We look for students who are high school:

  • Seniors and juniors with a 2.5 GPA or higher
  • Sophomores with a 3.0 GPA or higher

To enroll, you'll need to receive permission from one of your school’s administrators and a parent or guardian. You must also meet all course prerequisites.

Dual credit courses cost $25 per credit hour.

Jump Start Scholarship

Students who qualify for our Jump Start Scholarship can take up to six credit hours of dual credit each semester for free.

The Jump Start scholarship is automatically awarded to registered students who have a 2.6 GPA or higher and are free/reduced lunch-eligible.

Dual Credit / Dual Enrollment Scholarship (STLCC)

Limited funding is available through the STLCC Foundation to support high school students participating in dual credit/enrollment programs. The funding purpose is to expand opportunities for area high school students to take advantage of high-quality college courses. Students are encouraged to submit applications as soon as need is identified. Funding is not guaranteed, and funding cannot be used for courses and fees that would normally be covered by the school district.

Students must be able to demonstrate financial need by meeting the qualifications for free/reduced lunch status. Students who fall into this category will already be eligible for six credit hours of dual credit coursework through the College’s Jump Start to College Scholarship. As such, students should not use this application to request funding for dual credit coursework under six total credit hours.

Apply for the Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment Scholarship (STLCC)

Dual Credit / Dual Enrollment Scholarship (MDHEWD)

Organized by Missouri's Department of Higher Education and Workforce Development, the Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment Scholarship covers tuition and fees for high school students taking dual credit or dual enrollment coursework from an approved provider. Changes to the Dual Credit/Dual Enrollment Scholarship, including changes to the eligibility criteria, will be effective beginning with the fall 2022 semester.

View eligibility and application information

Please check with any prospective colleges and universities to determine if/how dual credit coursework may impact your financial aid as each institution determines its own policies. Financial aid includes all grants, scholarships, and loans. 

A+ Funds (State of Missouri Scholarship)

Dual credit coursework taken at STLCC does not count toward the 105% calculation used by the State of Missouri in determining A+ scholarship eligibility. However, while the hours are not counted in the calculation of 105% for eligibility, eligible courses would be counted as attempted hours toward program completion. Learn more about the A+ Scholarship Program

Federal Financial Aid

Title IV federal funding guidelines require that financial aid recipients make Satisfactory Academic Progress (SAP) to be eligible for federal financial aid. Each institution makes its own policies regarding whether dual credit coursework is included in satisfactory academic progress calculations. At STLCC, dual credit coursework is not considered in satisfactory academic progress calculations. However, while the hours are not counted in the GPA and completion calculations, eligible courses would be counted as attempted hours toward program completion.

Review our Dual Credit Student Handbook for more information about course prerequisites, student resources and College policies. 

Registration & Payment Deadlines

All Dual Credit Class Request forms and parent approvals must by received by 5 p.m. on the final day of the registration window. No late forms will be accepted.

Term Start Registration Window Tuition Due
Fall 2023 Aug. 14 - Sept. 11 Oct. 6
Spring 2024 Jan. 3 - Feb. 5 March 1
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Drop & Withdrawal Deadlines

Drop or withdraw from your dual credit class by submitting an add/drop/withdrawal form to dualcredit@stlcc.edu.

Withdraw, removed from STLCC transcript.

100% refund

Withdraw with a W grade.

80% refund

Withdraw with a W grade.

50% refund

Withdraw with a W grade.

0% refund

Sept. 17, 2023 Sept. 18 - Oct. 1, 2023 Oct. 2 - 15, 2023 Oct. 16, 2023 - March 4, 2024

Withdraw, removed from STLCC transcript.

100% refund

Withdraw with a W grade.

80% refund

Withdraw with a W grade.

50% refund

Withdraw with a W grade.

0% refund

Sept. 17, 2023 Sept. 18 - 22, 2023 Sept. 23 - Oct. 6, 2023 Oct. 7 - Nov. 22, 2023

Withdraw, removed from STLCC transcript.

100% refund

Withdraw with a W grade.

80% refund

Withdraw with a W grade.

50% refund

Withdraw with a W grade.

0% refund

Feb. 11, 2024 Feb. 12 - 16, 2024 Feb. 17 - March 1, 2024 March 2 - April 26, 2024

Participating High Schools

  • Hazelwood Central High School
  • Hazelwood East High School
  • Hazelwood West High School
  • Innovation High School
  • Jennings High School
  • McCluer High School
  • McCluer North High School
  • Normandy High School
  • Pattonville High School
  • Ritenour High School
  • Riverview Gardens High School
  • STEAM Academy at McCluer South-Berkeley

STLCC-Florissant Valley Campus Contact

Bailey Stock | bstock10@stlcc.edu | 314-513-4251

  • Beaumont High School
  • Carnahan High School of the Future
  • Clyde Miller Career Academy
  • Collegiate School of Medicine and Bioscience 
  • Confluence Prep Academy
  • Gateway Science Academy
  • Gateway STEM High School
  • KIPP: St. Louis
  • MersGoodwill Excel Center - St. Louis
  • Rosati-Kain Academy
  • University City High School

STLCC-Forest Park Campus Contact

Kristopher Bailey | kbailey104@stlcc.edu | 314-644-9575

  • Affton High School
  • Bayless High School
  • Brentwood High School
  • Hancock Place High School
  • Kirkwood High School
  • Maplewood-Richmond Heights High School
  • Mehlville High School

STLCC-Meramec Campus Contact

Josh Orndorff | jorndorff@stlcc.edu | 314-984-7682

  • Lindbergh High School
  • Pacific High School
  • Parkway SPARK
  • Valley Park High School

STLCC-Wildwood Campus Contact

Jeannette Musgrave | jmusgrave2@stlcc.edu | 636-422-2014

If your high school is not listed, please contact:

Coco Madison-Askew | cmadisonaskew@stlcc.edu | 314-513-4216

Questions? Contact Us

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Kristopher Bailey



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