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CE Instructor Application

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We are looking for instructors with new ideas for classes as well as instructors who are interested in teaching ongoing offerings.

Inspire. Challenge. Help others grow.

Do you have a hobby, talent, skill or area of expertise that you would like to teach to others? We are looking for instructors with ideas and knowledge to share!

Continuing Education at St. Louis Community College offers a variety of non-credit classes for personal and professional development. Our goal is to provide an opportunity for people in the community to learn easily and inexpensively from others with skills and interests to share. The general areas of instruction are professional development, personal interest, youth classes, and adult basic education.

  • Professional development area offerings are broad and include business administration and leadership development, small business development, career planning, construction trades, nursing and allied health, education and test preparation, computers and technology.
  • Adult credit-free classes offered for personal interest include the following areas: animal care, antiques, arts and crafts, bridge, communication skills, dance, family education, fashion, food preparation, foreign language, genealogy, geology, home decorating, home improvement, horticulture and gardening, investments, financial planning, music, nature, personal development, photography, recreation, self-defense, theater, and writing.
  • The Office of Continuing Education also offers an Adult Basic Education program, a College for Kids program for gifted and talented children and other classes for youth.

Adults who have skills or knowledge they would like to share are invited to apply and submit a course proposal. Instructors should be experts in their field, but are not required to have teaching degrees or current certification. All proposals are reviewed and if selected, the instructor is called to schedule an interview with one of the Continuing Education Program Planners.

Typically students enroll in classes to acquire a specific skill, combine learning with having fun or doing something new, or to meet new people with similar interests. Enrollment in classes, except for those designed for youth, is limited to persons 16 years or older. There are also a number of classes specifically designed for older adults.

Continuing Education classes are held throughout St. Louis City and County, including the four main campuses, (Florissant Valley, Forest Park, Meramec and Wildwood), and satellite locations. We also hold classes at local public and private schools, libraries, hospitals, dance studios, community centers, parks, recreational clubs and private businesses.

Continuing Education offers courses in spring, summer, and fall semesters. We have day, evening and weekend classes. We have classes that last an entire semester, a few weeks, or one-day sessions. Our flexibility allows us to serve a variety of students.

Applications may be submitted at any time. However we typically plan courses several months prior to the beginning of the semester. To be considered, complete the following steps:

1.) Download and complete a course proposal form.

Download Course Proposal Form

Each application must include a course proposal comprised of:

  • A title
  • A course description
  • A course outline
  • An instructor biography

The Title:

The purpose of a title is to attract the readers’ interest to what you are offering. Here are a few techniques for selecting a good course title:

  • Keep the title simple, descriptive and catchy. Long or complex titles tend to confuse and dull titles will not capture the student’s interest.
  • Identify your target audience. “Investing for Young Singles” is better than “Investment Basics”.
  • Ask the reader a question.
  • Keep it positive.

The Course Description:

A good course description should be enticing and interesting. The description should be factually complete and accurate and should provide solid information about the course so people can decide whether it will serve their needs. Keep these points in mind when writing your description:

  • Descriptions should run approximately 30-65 words in length.
  • Do not use abbreviations unless everyone knows what they mean.
  • Write in complete sentences.

The first five words of a course description will determine if the student will go on or pass to another course description. The opener should focus on either the course content or the learner—not the course or the instructor. Tried and true opening techniques include the definition, the question, and the outstanding or impressive fact.

The Course Outline:

A course outline or syllabus briefly describes what information will be covered at each class meeting session. Please be as specific as possible. Please include any special equipment or meeting space needs in this section.

The Instructor Biography:

Your biography should be 15 to 30 words in paragraph form. The biography should establish the qualifications of the instructor in the course content area. Qualifications should be stated in terms of experience. You may also include your interest or motivation in teaching the course.

2.) Apply to become a Continuing Education Instructor.

Once you've downloaded, completed and saved your course proposal, it's time to apply!

Apply to Teach for CE

Your experience as a Continuing Education Instructor gives you visibility with a diverse audience both through the course catalog and in the classroom. Our catalog is distributed to over 500,000 households throughout the metropolitan St. Louis area. We are a recognized source of training and service in the community.

We do provide a vehicle for the display of your talents and expertise and an opportunity to connect with new resources. We do not allow “sales pitches” or in-class advertisements of your company or office.

Additional benefits of being a continuing education instructor include:

  • access to the resources of the college campus including the library, weight room, and pool during open swim times.
  • waivers for up to 4 hours of classes during the term you are teaching.
  • access to education and reference materials.

Start your application now.

  1. Carefully review the information provided above.
  2. Download and complete a course proposal form.
  3. Apply online.

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