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General Information

Enrollment in Continuing Education classes and programs is limited to persons 16 years and older except for youth section classes and where otherwise noted.

Online Classes

Students registering for online classes must have a valid email address and reliable internet connection. A link to your online class will be emailed to you two business days before the class start date. If you do not receive this, please call 314-984-7777 during business hours. More information on our online classes can be found on the Support for Online Classes webpage.

Registration closes three business days prior to class start date unless otherwise specified in the course description.

Students Rights and Responsibilities

All students are responsible for adhering to college policies and procedures.
Please refer to stlcc.edu/need2know.

Class Changes/Postponement/Cancellation

Any course changes in dates, times or locations will be emailed to students using the email address provided during course enrollment. Because Continuing Education (non-credit) classes are self-supporting, the decision to run a class is based on the number of students enrolled. The College reserves the right to cancel if sufficient enrollment is not achieved.

For changes and cancellations due to low enrollment, students will be notified by email. Full refunds will be issued for classes canceled by the College unless noted otherwise in the catalog. Please call 314-984-7777 with any questions.

Inclement Weather

Occasionally, Continuing Education classes are canceled due to inclement weather. Cancellations will be broadcast on KMOX-AM (1120) and on KMOV-TV, KSDK-TV and KTVI/Fox 2. In addition, all location closings will be posted on the College website, stlcc.edu.

To sign up for automated SMS notifications of STLCC campus closures or emergencies, visit stlcc.edu/alerts. When St. Louis Community College cancels classes, off-campus classes are also canceled. In addition, when a particular host school district or institution closes, the Continuing Education classes at that location will not meet.

Refund of Fees

If you wish to withdraw from a class, you will receive a full refund for most classes if the class is dropped three business days before the first meeting. See the course schedule for classes (such as day trips) that require notice of more than three business days for cancellation and eligibility for a refund.

Requests for withdrawals must be submitted in writing to a Continuing Education office in-person, by email at CEdropbox@stlcc.edu or via mail to: 3221 McKelvey Road, Suite 250, Bridgeton, MO 63044. Calculation of refunds will be based on the date the request is received via email or the postmarked date.

Time of Withdrawal Percentage Refund
Three business days prior to the first class meeting. Must be submitted in writing. 100%
Two business days prior to the first class meeting or after the class has begun. None
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For some special programs and classes an earlier withdrawal deadline may apply. This deadline will be in the course description.

A student may receive either a full or partial refund for exceptional circumstances. For exceptional circumstances, refunds must be submitted in writing (walk-in, email or mail) within 10 business days after the class start date to be considered. Supporting documentation may be required.

Fee Reduction for Adults Age 60+

At the time of registration, adults 60 years and older may enroll in select courses for a reduced fee. Class costs are provided in each catalog course listing and online course description. Contact the Continuing Education office for questions regarding the reduced rate. Reduction will be calculated at check-out.

Senior Citizen Scholarship

Senior citizen scholarship does not apply to online courses.

Missouri residents who are at least 65 years of age can be awarded a scholarship to be exempt from tuition fees for up to five courses per semester on a space-available basis. There will be a non-refundable registration fee of $5 per course. Student is responsible for administrative and other fees, such as materials, supplies and books. Students may enroll in person or by phone within the two business days prior to the first class date. Scholarship is not available when registering online. Scholarship is not automatically given and must be requested at time of registration. Students cannot receive a refund for a paid course in order to enroll for a scholarship space in that same course. Select classes and online classes are excluded. PLEASE CALL THE CONTINUING EDUCATION OFFICE FOR DETAILS REGARDING THE SENIOR CITIZEN SCHOLARSHIP.


Textbooks can be purchased at the campus bookstores or online through the STLCC bookstore website unless otherwise noted in the course description. Books ordered through the website will be shipped to you free of charge. Please go to stlouisccbookstore.com for additional information. CE students should select the term, department, course, and section to show a full list of what is required or optional for that specific class. Enter 'CE' or 'Continuing Education' on the website when prompted for a student number to complete the order.


On campuses, parking is available in student-designated lots. Parking permits are not required.

Safety and Program Guidelines for Youth Classes

All children under the age of 16 who are enrolled in programs through the St. Louis Community College Office of Continuing Education must be accompanied and signed-in by a responsible party at the beginning of each program session. In addition, a responsible party must also meet the participant at the end of the session and sign them out. Appropriate behavior is expected. Students may be dismissed for misbehavior.

Unattended Children

Students are not permitted to bring children to class, nor should children be left unattended in the halls, offices, library or common areas. The College reserves the right to protect the safety and welfare of unattended children. If students leave children unattended, the College will institute disciplinary action.

Firearms on College Property

Except for licensed police officers, no person shall possess or carry any firearm, visible or concealed, on College property (including College buildings and grounds leased or owned by the College, College athletic fields and parking lots) or in any College van or vehicle or at College-sponsored activities. College employees, students and visitors who hold concealed carry endorsements as allowed by Missouri law may not carry or bring any firearms, visible or concealed, on College property, owned or leased or at any College activity.


St. Louis Community College is committed to creating inclusive, welcoming, and respectful learning and working environments focused on the needs of our diverse communities. The College does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, ancestry, religion, sex, pregnancy, sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, age, disability, protected veteran status, and any other status protected by applicable state or federal law. The College’s nondiscrimination policies apply to any phase of its employment process, any phase of its admission, or financial aid programs, and all of its educational programs or activities.

For information or concerns related to discrimination or sexual harassment, contact Mary Zabriskie, District Director for Equity Compliance at 314-539-5345.


If you are a person with a disability who requires an accommodation in order to participate in any program or activity, please contact the Continuing Education Access Office at 314-984-7704 as soon as possible in advance of the program for consideration of your accommodations request. It is helpful to receive accommodations requests at least 10 days in advance of a program. For trips and tours, advance notice of up to one month is requested. With less advance notice, it may be difficult to meet needs of interested members. Learn more about STLCC disAbility Support Services at stlcc.edu/disability.

Environmental Health and Safety

Some Continuing Education courses involve work with materials and products that require special handling. Please refer to STLCC’s Environmental Health and Safety page for additional information.

Assumption of Risk, Release and Waiver of Liability

St. Louis Community College assumes no liability for accidents or injuries that may occur while participating in Continuing Education classes and programs and provides no funds to cover medical costs or expenses. Students are reminded that participation is voluntary. It is strongly recommended that all students have their own health insurance.

St. Louis Community College Continuing Education seeks to provide courses that are academically interesting and create opportunities for members to broaden their scope and interests. The material presented in these courses is for informational purposes only, and the views and opinions expressed in class are strictly those of the instructor.

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