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Class Locations


Note: Codes in parentheses refer to catalog and web abbreviations of campuses and buildings.

3400 Pershall Rd., 63135
Campus Map

Administration (FV-A)
Business (FV-B)
Child Development Center (FV-CDC)
Communications (FV-C)
Emerson Center (FV-EC)
Engineering (FV-E)
Humanities (FV-H)
Instructional Resources (FV-IR)
Physical Education (FV-PE)
Service Building (FV-S)
Science-Mathematics (FV-SM)
Social Sciences (FV-SS)
Student Center (FV-Student Ctr)
Theatre (FV-T)
Training Center (FV-TC)
Center for Workforce Innovation (FV-CWI)

5600 Oakland Ave., 63110
Campus Map

West Tower (FP-W)
East Tower (FP-E)
Center for Nursing and Health Sciences (FP-HealthSci)
Hospitality (FP-HSP)
Library (FP-LB)
Physical Education (FP-PE)
Student Center (FP-Student Ctr)
Theatre (FP-T)
Art Annex (FP-AA)

11333 Big Bend Rd., 63122
Campus Map

Assessment Center (MC-AC)
Administration/Clark Hall (MC-AD)
Applied Science (MC-AS)
Business Administration (MC-BA)
Continuing Education Building (MC-CE)
Campus Police (MC-CP)
Communications North (MC-CN)
Communications South (MC-CS)
Greenhouse (MC-GH)
Humanities East (MC-HE)
Humanities West (MC-HW)
Lecture Halls (MC-LH)
Library (MC-L)
Physical Education (MC-PE)
Student Center (MC-Student Ctr)
Social Science (MC-SO)
Science South (MC-SS)
Science West (MC-SW)
Theatre (MC-T)

4115 Meramec Bottom Rd., 63129

2645 Generations Dr., 63040
Campus Map

Off-Campus Locations

Affton White-Rodgers
Community Center (AFCC)
9801 Mackenzie Rd., 63123

Eagle Springs Golf Course
2575 Redman Rd., 63136

St. Louis Art Museum (SLAM)
3915 S. Lindbergh, 63127

Almas Del Ritmo Dance Co.
3515 Park Ave., 63104

Episcopal Church of the Advent (EPCA)
9373 Garber Rd., 63126

Sunset Hills Community Center (SHCC)
3915 S. Lindbergh, 63127

Bluebird Park - Ellisville (ELLIS)
225 Kiefer Creek Rd., 63201

Jammin' J Automotive (JJA)
10188 Page Ave., 63132

The Wine and Cheese Place-Forsyth (WCPF)
7435 Forsyth Blvd., 63105

Chesterfield Parks,
Recreation & Arts (CFPR)
17891 N. Outer Rd., 63005

Kirkwood High School (KHS)
801 W. Essex Ave., 63122

The Wine and Cheese Place-Kirkwood (WCPK)
10451 Manchester Rd., 63122

Castlewood State Park (CAST)
1401 Kiefer Creek Rd., 63021

Perennial (PRNL)
3762 S. Broadway, 63118

Thomas Dunn Learning Center (TDLC)
3113 Gasconade St., 63118

Central Print (CPRT)
2624 N. 14th St. 63106

Robertsville State Park (RBVL)
902 State Park Dr., 63072

Vetta Sports-Concord (CONC)
12320 Old Tesson Rd., 63128

City Sewing Room (CSEW)
6700 Arsenal Ave., 63139

Shaw Nature Reserve (SNR)
307 Pinetum Loop Rd., 63039

Vetta Sports-Sunset Hills (SUNS)
10911 Gravois Ind. Ct., 63128

CODA Martial Arts (CODA)
11025 Gravois Industrial Ct.
Suite B., 63128

Sew Hope (SWHP)
630 N. Hwy. 67, 63031

Xtreme Krav Maga & Fitness - Chesterfield (XKMC)
291 Chesterfield Center, 63017

Crestwood Bowl (CWBL)
9822 Watson Rd., 63126

South Broadway Art Project
3816 S. Broadway, 63118

Xtreme Krav Maga & Fitness - Fenton (XKMF)
570 S. Highway Dr., 63026

Culinary Arts House (CAH)
3137 Hampton Ave., 63139

South River Yoga (SRYG)
4407 Meramec Bottom Rd., 63129

Z Total Body - Fenton (ZBOD)
830 Horan Dr., 63026

Dwight Davis Tennis Center
5620 Grand Dr., 63112


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