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Digital Photography Essentials

Personal Enrichment

Offered through Continuing Education

Build new skills, learn the tricks of the trade necessary to take your photography passion to the next level, and earn a Continuing Education certificate.

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Hone your artistic and technical skills.

With STLCC’s Continuing Education certificate in Digital Photography Essentials, you’ll:

  • Benefit from personalized guidance by expert instructors,
  • Gain valuable knowledge and experience in equipment, techniques and industry-leading software programs, and
  • Improve the quality of your photos and portfolio.

Benefit from affordable, convenient classes.

Whether you are a hobbyist or exploring a new career, you’ll receive expert instruction through classroom training, hands-on projects and field work, all in a relaxed setting. Take a class to pique your interest, or complete the full range of classwork to earn your Continuing Education certificate. Both evening and weekend classes are available.

Begin your journey and earn the certificate.

Any type of digital camera is acceptable, however a DSLR is preferred. The following classes meet the curriculum requirements of the Digital Photography Essentials program. Classes may be taken individually or as a part of the program. Spaces are limited, so early registration is recommended. Seventy-five percent attendance in all classes is required.

To qualify for the Digital Photography Essentials non-credit program, candidates must complete the following requirements:

Digital Photography: Introduction
Learn the basic skills of photography and how to use your digital camera. Gain a greater understanding of camera functions and settings like exposure modes, aperture, shutter speed, ISO, image quality and white balance. Explore the creative use of light, exposure, depth of field and composition. Other camera equipment and accessories such as lenses, tripods and flashes will be discussed.

Digital Photography: Intermediate
For students who have a fundamental knowledge of camera functions, expand your understanding of light, color and exposure in this intermediate course. Improve your skills as a photographer by learning how to photograph in more challenging lighting situations and to correct and enhance your images. Special emphasis will be placed on RAW image file support. Prerequisite: Digital Photography: Introduction or equivalent experience.

Digital Photography: Advanced
Expand your understanding of digital photography and explore more advanced camera and equipment features. Examine alternative and experimental methods and techniques for capturing and enhancing photographic images. This is a continuation of introductory and intermediate digital photography, and students are expected to have fundamental knowledge of camera functions and the basics of digital photography.

Nature and Outdoor Photography
Improve nature and outdoor photography skills and expand your creativity. Transform your work with thorough instruction coupled with classroom sessions and image critiques. Learn what makes a great photo, the techniques required and the tips and tricks. Complete weekly assignments and bring photos to each class for critique.

Studio Lighting, Portrait and Indoor Photography
In this introduction to basic techniques of studio and location lighting, learn how to use flash as a primary and secondary light source; the use of multiple flashes, reflectors and other light modifiers; and the pros and cons of flash versus continuous light. Gain effective and economical tips and techniques to achieve professional results, and build knowledge through discussion and demonstration in a hands-on environment.

Portrait Photography
Create compelling “on location” portraits at home, work or play without the need for a studio or expensive equipment. Learn why a long lens makes faces look great, how to adapt your existing lenses for portrait shoots and the best angles to make your subject look their best. Replicate the aesthetic of a Hollywood motion picture by separating subjects from backgrounds using shallow focus and learn how to take advantage of available and supplemental light sources.

Event Photography: Sports, Concerts, Weddings and More
Learn how to shoot events as a participant — not an observer — and create images that put your audience at the center of the action. Discover how to pick the best lens for each event, choosing from wide angle, normal, portrait or telephoto. Explore how professionals harness natural light to achieve great images. Master the basics of bounce flash to get expert results with just one light. Learn how to use a shot list to ensure that you capture all the images each job requires. Get acquainted with legendary field photographers and learn how to put their techniques to work for you.

Photojournalism and Documentary Photography
Learn to tell a story using photos, either through single images that capture a decisive moment or a series of images that illustrate unfolding news. Complete real-world assignments and receive immediate constructive feedback equipping you to contribute photos to organizational publications and websites and to illustrate personal projects. Analyze images taken by legendary photojournalists (including Pulitzer Prize winners), and learn how to put their award-winning techniques to work!

Adobe® Photoshop® CC: Introduction
Utilizing Adobe Photoshop CC software, learn how to manipulate digital images from a digital camera, previously scanned images or internet graphics. Topics include layers, history, clone stamp, spot healing brush tool, content-aware fill, quick selection tool, magic wand, color range, transformations and the difference between destructive and non-destructive editing. Work hands-on with a variety of images. Prerequisite: Windows® Introduction class or equivalent experience.

Adobe® Photoshop® CC: Intermediate
Picking up where the introductory class ended, this course will cover histogram, exposure adjustments and common image adjustment techniques (e.g., smoothing wrinkles and brightening teeth). You’ll learn tips for changing image and canvas sizes, using the crop tool and blending modes, and working with a wide variety of image types. Prerequisite: Adobe® Photoshop® Introduction class.

Adobe® Photoshop® CC: Advanced
This course builds on skills learned in the beginning and intermediate classes. You’ll learn to coordinate adjustment layers with layer masks, work with smart objects, and use tools for blurring, sharpening, and shadows and highlights. Work hands-on with a variety of images. Prerequisite: Adobe® Photoshop® Intermediate class.

Adobe and Photoshop are registered trademarks of Adobe in the United States and/or other countries. STLCC’s Continuing Education classes are not authorized, endorsed or sponsored by Adobe.

Apply for your completion certificate.

The Digital Photography Essentials program is a non-credit Continuing Education certificate program at St. Louis Community College.

Upon successful completion of the course requirements, candidates must submit an application for completion to the Office of Continuing Education. Upon completion of a transcript review, a Continuing Education certificate will be granted. For more information, please call 314-984-7777.

Please complete the Digital Photography Essentials certificate application form upon completion of the following three main coursework components: 

  • Three (3) core classes
    • Digital Photography: Introduction
    • Digital Photography: Intermediate
    • Digital Photography: Advanced
  • Three (3) field classes
    • Nature and Outdoor Photography
    • Studio Lighting, Portrait and Indoor Photography
    • Portrait Photography
    • Event Photography: Sports, Concerts, Weddings and More
    • Photojournalism and Documentary Photography
  • Three (3) Adobe® Photoshop® classes
    • Adobe® Photoshop® CC: Introduction
    • Adobe® Photoshop® CC: Intermediate
    • Adobe® Photoshop® CC: Advanced


By checking the boxes below, I confirm that I have completed the following three main coursework components of STLCC's Digital Photography Essentials program and hereby submit my application for completion:

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