Facebook pixel Best Practices by Platform

Best Practices by Platform

When it comes to social media, it's important to keep in mind a best practice structure, however, it's also important to let the creativity flow.

Quality vs. Quantity

It’s important to always remember social media is quality verses quantity. It’s better to have one solid post in terms of the concept, content, and targeted messaging, than to have 10 posts a week that don’t clearly communicate anything and might not be interesting to your audience.

How often should you post?

Don’t force yourself to post, let it flow. If there’s no content to post for the day - don’t bend over backward to find something relevant, wait for organic content. That’s what satisfies your audience.


STLCC uses Facebook to tell stories about our College community. It’s an encompassing platform to draw attention to all aspects of the College including, but not limited to, campus life, alumni stories, important reminders and districtwide events. Facebook helps us share interactive, engaging photos, highlight milestones and promote campaigns and organization initiatives. We use Facebook as the main social media platform.

  • Likes are a great tool to drum up awareness for STLCC. If we like a post on Facebook, it gives a little love to our influencers and followers.
  • Comments are also a great tool to spark engagement. But, what's the difference between comments and likes? With comments, followers are able to see the conversation, which is great for understanding and increasing awareness.
  • Shares gets five gold stars when it comes to exposure! When STLCC shares a post, we are drawing attention to the message and sharing exact content with our  personal audience.
  • But wait… don’t hit the ‘Share’ button too fast! It’s crucial that instead of just hitting ‘Share’ and going directly to post that we incorporate our own personal message that matches the content of the share.

Facebook Image sizes


  • Profile image: 180 pixels (px)  x 180 px
  • Banner image: 851 px x 315 px
  • In-stream photo: 1200 px x 1200 px or 1200 px x 628 px
  • More Facebook sizing information


STLCC uses Twitter for interaction, relationship building and development, and to engage and create conversations. Twitter also funnels any and all social activity across the district. It’s a place to share photographs and graphics with our followers about what’s happening at STLCC. Twitter is the social platform we use as a voice of the College and to create important conversations with our community. 

  • Likes on Twitter holds the same function as likes on Facebook. It’s a quick, easy way to show engagement with users that mention us in a positive way. By liking a post on Twitter, we show our followers that we’ve liked this post, and our mutual followers will see it in their news feeds.
  • Retweets are similar to shares on Facebook, and retweets earns five gold stars in terms of maximized exposure. Not only are we drawing attention to the message, we are sharing the exact content to our own Twitter audience.
  • Retweet with Comment is similar to hitting that 'Share' button on Facebook. Retweet with Comment, also known as quoting a tweet, provides the opportunity to add personal insight to the post. By choosing to retweet with a comment, we are driving the most reach to our audience.
  • Reply is the most basic and quickest way to engage in a back-and-forth conversation.
  • Hashtags are a good way to reach a wider-range audience and connect them to a specific topic. See the section on hashtags.

Pro Tip: Make sure you are striking a balance between the choices on Twitter. If you’ve retweeted four times in a day, take a step back, select a few more tweets to like and call it a day!


Twitter image dimensions



We use Instagram as a unique way to deliver high-quality, visual, relatable, behind-the-scenes content. It’s a place to share beautiful shots of STLCC campuses, detailed shots of campus life events and inspiring hands-on work from our students.

  •  Stories on Instagram are a fun way to create quick videos in a slideshow format.
  • Highlights is a feature we use to keep stories on our profile to spotlight our programs, alumni stories, our students, and graduates.
  • Re-posting works similar to retweeting, but for Instagram.

Instagram Image sizes



We use Snapchat as an eccentric way to show a personal, inside look at the communities of STLCC. This social platform is a way to tap into the curiosity of our younger target audience, and expose our current students and alumni to the diverse activities happening across the district.

  • Snap is when you take a photo or video, or receive a photo or video.
  • Story allows you to link snaps together and broadcast them as you capture them. They'll appear to your followers as a story reel. A story reel can only be played back for 24 hours, after which, it disappears for good. However, you can always save your entire story, or an individual snap from your story, to the Memory section.
  • Lenses make snaps even more fun by adding augmented reality-based special effects and sounds.
  • Filters allow you to jazz up your snap by adding a fun overlay.


  • Snapchat is exclusively mobile, meaning it relies completely on your cell phone camera.


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