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Unofficial Channels

Many clubs, campus services and departments often request approval to build their own social media pages. Since this is a free and easy action, limiting the creation of non-official social channels isn't realistic. However, to ensure the value of our official College social media pages and the STLCC brand, we ask that you follow these guidelines.

Please note, only Marketing and Communications is responsible for official handles and pages. Although, social media pages started by other departments, clubs or services are the responsibility of the individual who initiated the page, Marketing and Communications needs to be informed of the creation of the page for tracking and brand cohesion purposes.


  • Do not use the STLCC logo or icon as a profile picture or cover image (these are reserved for use of official brand pages).
  • Do not label your page / handle as an official social media channel of STLCC
  • Do not use St. Louis Community College or STLCC in the beginning of your page/handle title. This will cause search issues with our brand pages/handles coming up first in results. 

    • Yes: Phi Theta Kappa – STLCC Meramec
    • No: St. Louis Community College Art Club 
or STLCC Art Club
  • For clubs, STLCC faculty or staff sponsors should serve as page administrators.
  • Do not use vulgar or offensive language.
  • Do not use copyrighted material.
  • Post and monitor your page on a regular basis to build customer loyalty.
  • If you have content you would like posted to a brand account please fill out a marketing request form and select the social media checkbox and we will evaluate the request.

If you notice offensive content, threats or other content that causes concern on your campus social media site, please report the concern to Marketing and Communications and/or STLCC Police.

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