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Social Media Guide

Social media is an essential channel for sharing our exciting work and provides the College with a valuable means of communication, education, and collaboration. STLCC engages in social media to create excitement about the College while also showing commitment to our St. Louis community.

Creating an STLCC-Affiliated Account

Have you been wanting to start an STLCC-affiliated social media channel? Go to our Marketing Request Form and check off “Social Media Support.”  Our Social Media Specialist will contact you to meet, discuss your options, and provide training if your request is approved.

New social media accounts must be approved by the Social Media Specialist, follow brand guidelines, and adhere to proper procedures outlined in training. STLCC-affiliated social media accounts must also provide their login and passwords to the Marketing and Communications Department. This ensures that accounts stay with the College should you end employment or move to a new role, as well as follow the social media guidelines set by the Marketing and Communications department.

Official Social Accounts

The following social handles and pages are considered official STLCC accounts and thus are maintained and/or monitored by Marketing and Communications.

District Channels

Facebook: Facebook.com/STLCC

Twitter: Twitter.com/STLCC

Instagram: Instagram.com/stlccedu/

YouTube: Youtube.com/user/stlcc

TikTok: TikTok.com/@stlccedu

LinkedIn: LinkedIn.com/school/st-louis-community-college

Corporate Channels

Workforce Solutions Group

Facebook: Facebook.com/STLCCworkforce

Instagram: Instagram.com/stlcc_wsg

Twitter: Twitter.com/STLCCworkforce

LinkedIn: LinkedIn.com/company/stlccwsg

Alumni Association

Twitter: Twitter.com/STLCCalum

Facebook: Facebook.com/STLCCAlumni

Social Media Voice

Who We Are

Genuine. Friendly. Approachable. Honest. We are committed to the continuous improvement of our students’ lives through education. We are a trusted community leader who is invested in the betterment of St. Louis through education. We aspire to expand minds and change lives every day.

Our Tone

We are energetic and enthusiastic. We strive to inspire students and our community to live elevated lives. We’re optimistic but realistic.

Note: Our tone can change on different platforms.


  • An approachable, inclusive, student-centric teacher who values and embraces diversity.
  • A genuine and honest higher education expert who is committed to the continuous improvement of students’ lives through education.
  • An invested education partner who values practicality and helps every student establish and work toward achievable goals.
  • A trusted community leader who is invested in the betterment of St. Louis through education.
  • A thought leader who is recognized for inspiring students and our community.

STLCC is Not

Disrespectful, rude, or snarky.

Audience and Objective

All official STLCC channels target external audiences and should support recruitment, retention, and community engagement efforts.


Prospective Students

Gives prospective students a taste of what it’s like to be an STLCC student and highlights opportunities offered to traditional and non-traditional students.


Current Students

Makes current students aware of timely, need-to-know information and supports retention efforts by reminding students of upcoming registration, payment dates for tuition, scholarship deadlines and other relevant information.


Community Leaders and Members

Used to share news about large-scale partnerships that STLCC has with community organizations, school districts and businesses. Additionally, social media should be used to demonstrate how STLCC fits into and benefits the greater St. Louis community.


Local Media

STLCC will use district-level social media platforms to break news and share press coverage about our programs, students, faculty, staff and alumni.

Monitoring Guidelines

STLCC Marketing and Communications uses social media software to monitor activity on a regular basis. The guidelines below explain precautions and actions regarding user posts, comments, reviews and brand mentions.


Questionable or Inappropriate User Posts or Comments

User content that is posted to official STLCC social channels that fit into any of the following categories will be removed:

  • Posts or comments that contain vulgar or sexually explicit language
  • Content that is racially or ethnically offensive
  • Content that is deemed as a threat, encourages violence or poses a threat to the health or safety of others
  • Spam content (for example pharmaceutical drug promotion, adult night club promotion, illegal download promotion)
  • Content that violates copyright laws


When Should You Report Questionable Content?

Inappropriate or questionable user content should be reported immediately to campus police and to the marketing and communications department.


What is questionable content?

  • Posts that threaten violence of any kind
  • Content that reports violence or the threat of violence
  • User content that can be considered harassment or bullying
  • Content that implies suicidal behavior or mental instability
  • Racial or ethnically offensive content
  • Negative content about the STLCC brand, processes, students, faculty or staff

Questions? Email social@stlcc.edu


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