Facebook pixel Monitoring Guidelines

Monitoring Guidelines

STLCC Marketing and Communications uses social media software to monitor activity on a regular basis. The guidelines below explain precautions and actions regarding user posts, comments, reviews and brand mentions.

Posting Procedure

Campus-wide and public events such as commencement, student work, athletic events, and campus life events will be announced on social media platforms. STLCC Marketing and Communications maintains a calendar of scheduled announcements, and also posts about spontaneous gatherings or events that are noteworthy and of student interest.

Questionable or Inappropriate User Posts or Comments

User content that is posted to official STLCC social channels that fit into any of the following categories will be removed:

  • Posts or comments that contain vulgar or sexually explicit language
  • Content that is racially or ethnically offensive
  • Content that is deemed as a threat, encourages violence or poses a threat to the health or safety of others
  • Spam content (example pharmaceutical drug promotion, adult night club promotion, illegal download promotion)
  • Content that violates copyright laws

When Should you Report Questionable Content?

Inappropriate or questionable user content should be reported immediately to Campus Police.

What is questionable content?

  • Posts that threaten violence of any kind
  • Content that reports violence or the threat of violence
  • User content that can be considered harassment or bullying
  • Content that implies suicidal behavior or mental instability
  • Racial or ethnically offensive content
  • Negative content about the STLCC brand, processes, students, faculty or staff
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