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STLCC Libraries’ Strategic Plan 2024-2026

2020-2023 version was reaffirmed by Libraries Leadership Team through 2026.


We deliver exceptional instruction, collections, and services to foster academic success and lifelong learning.


We inspire creativity, discovery, and lifelong learning through transformative teaching, services, collections, and collaborations.


  • We prioritize STUDENTS FIRST by supporting their learning experiences and removing barriers to our spaces, services, and collections.
  • We promote RESPECT FOR ALL through our inclusive and equitable delivery of instruction, services, and collections.
  • We act with INTEGRITY and respect privacy while providing reliable information and services.
  • We invest in COLLABORATION to achieve shared goals, pursue innovations, and foster beneficial connections.
  • We use DATA to make well-informed decisions.

STLCC 2020-2023 Goals:

o   1.a: Provide academic experiences designed to prepare students for success in their chosen field of study.

o   1.b: Provide students with outstanding support services.  

o   1.c: Remove barriers to equitable student access and success.

Libraries’ Goal 1: Deliver responsive instructional programs to foster students’ academic success and lifelong learning.

a.    Continue to develop, teach, and improve course-integrated library instruction.

b.   Create and maintain accessible online learning objects including research guides, videos, and tutorials.

c.    Increase collaborative relationships for information literacy efforts across the college.

d.   Offer and teach a credit course to enhance student library research and information literacy knowledge and skills.

e.   Continue to offer lifelong educational opportunities through enrichment programming.

Libraries’ Goal 2: Improve physical and online spaces to be more accessible, inviting, and functional for student learning.

a.    Improve functionality and usability of online library resources.

b.   Identify and consistently incorporate useful and innovative technologies into circulating collections, study and instruction spaces, and computer lab equipment across the district. 

c.    Weed and maintain collections to ensure relevance and currency of materials.

d.   Promote collection content through educational displays, to include visual aids in the stacks.

e.   Employ clear, accessible signage; remove outdated and/or unnecessary signs.

f.    Update infrastructure and furniture to improve comfort, accessibility, and usability for group and individual study.

g.   Create spaces for group study and quiet, individual study.

h.   Conduct library building safety surveys with Campus Police, make recommended improvements, and provide library-specific safety training for staff.

i.     Pursue capital projects and employ department budgets to improve facilities.

Libraries’ Goal 3: Leverage outreach and marketing efforts to grow awareness and encourage use of our services and resources.

a.    Collaborate with other college departments to offer educational programming and to implement student-centered services.

b.   Promote our career resources to students in coordination with faculty and relevant departments. 

c.    Market our collections and services through regular student communications via the Learning Management System, social media, web content, print materials, and newsletters.

d.   Develop partnerships and outreach campaigns to staff and faculty to expand their use and knowledge of our services and resources to connect with students.

Libraries’ Goal 4: Support professional development and job growth through enrichment experiences.

a.    Implement peer cross-training and knowledge sharing opportunities; explore knowledge sharing opportunities between Libraries and other departments.

b.   Offer group and self-directed training to improve Microsoft Office and other technology skills.

c.    Encourage and support general professional development experiences through college-provided and external conferences and training experiences.

d.   Celebrate staff accomplishments and notable job performance.

Libraries’ Goal 5: Remove barriers to our resources and services.

a.    Review and revise policies, procedures, and operating hours to promote access and use of the libraries. 

b.   Make Libraries’ policies and procedures transparent and ensure their consistent application.

c.    Increase the application of Universal Design principles in our online resources through responsible acquisition and content creation, as supported by staff training. 

d.   Promote and support Affordable and Open Educational Resources (A&OER) curricular initiatives. 

e.   Make content from textbooks on course reserve and other materials more readily available to distance learners.

f.    Conduct an environmental scan of STLCC Libraries through the lens of equity, inclusion, and diversity.

g.   Use assessment to identify opportunities for quality improvement. 

STLCC 2020-2023 Goals:

o   3.a: Create an environment that allows for diverse opinions and perspectives.

o   3.b: Increase equity in student success.

o   3.c: Recruit and retain employees at all levels who better reflect the diversity of the St. Louis region.

o   3.d: Continue to develop an atmosphere of diversity, civility, and respect.

Libraries’ Goal 6: Cultivate trust and support our diverse community of learners through our inclusive, equitable, and welcoming practices, programs, resources, and spaces.

a.    Collaborate with other departments and community partners to offer programming and information to promote diversity, inclusion, and global education. 

b.   Train staff about diversity, inclusion, and equity issues that pertain to libraries, higher education, and society to cultivate a culture of understanding, respect, and civility within the division.

c.    Foster internal and external staff knowledge of Universal Design principles and applications.

d.   Contribute leadership to Affordable & Open Educational Resources (A&OER) initiatives and work with faculty to incorporate A&OER materials into courses.

e.   Seek diverse pools of candidates when recruiting for open positions.

STLCC 2020-2023 Goals:

o   4.a: Ensure organizational excellence using fiscal responsibility and data.

o   4.c: Maximize effective use of technology to provide supportive systems for students and employees.

Libraries’ Goal 7: Employ reliable data to responsibly and strategically manage budget and systems to encourage innovation and the fulfillment of our community’s needs.

a.    Minimize non-essential expenditures and maximize district-wide access to resources and services.

b.   Maintain data and analytics across library operations to inform decision-making.

c.    Develop collections in relevant formats to support curriculum and in response to student and faculty requests.

d.   Pursue digital initiatives to enhance access to library resources.

e.   Consolidate Archives into one location to serve St. Louis Community College.

f.     Pursue appropriate grant opportunities.


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