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Honors Courses and Contracts

Honors Courses:

There are two types of honors courses:

  1. Courses containing only honors students that are smaller (max of 20 students) than non–honors sections. These courses are usually conducted in a “seminar” style similar to upper level college courses.
  2. Honors sections running concurrently with non-honors sessions, so that there is a small cohort of honors students within the section, who are given different course requirements.

Instructors are full-time professors, typically with the highest degrees in their field, committed to providing an in-depth experience for qualified students. Honors courses provide greater student-student and student-professor interaction, deeper discussions, and further exploration of subject matter.

Honors courses are not “more work”, they are more in-depth work. Smaller class sizes and a stronger academic atmosphere allow professors to eliminate work designed to monitor student effort. Fun fact: The average GPA of an honors course is higher than that of a non-honors course!

Spring 2024 Honors Course

Course Number Course Name Professor Day & Time Room

CRN: 12197
PHL 104.691 (MOTR PHIL 102)

Ethics Champene, Aaron R. M/W/F
11-11:50 a.m.
Social Sciences 107
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*This course section runs concurrently with a non-honors section.

Please contact mchonors@stlcc.edu to find out about eligibility and to enroll in these sections.

Honors Contracts:

An Honors contract is a voluntary arrangement between a student and instructor, establishing a learning experience above and beyond normal coursework. Students pursue projects of special interest that complement course subject matter. Contract typically require one semester hour of academic credit (approx. 30 hours of work) in addition to regular course requirements. Examples of contracts include a 6-8 page research paper, creating a website, designing a lab.

Honors contracts provide an opportunity to complete more stimulating assignments above and beyond standard course requirements. Honors contracts can be pursued in most standard courses. Once admitted to the Honors Program, students may start the Honors Contract process by completing the worksheet online.

Honors contracts must be returned to mchonors@stlcc.edu no later than one week before midterm. Please inquire about deadlines for non-16 week (full semester) courses.

Students wanting to proceed with courses or contracts:

  • Current Honors students should enroll through an advisor or contact Dr. Jerry Myers at mchonors@stlcc.edu with your A number for honors courses and submit contracts to mchonors@stlcc.edu.
  • Potential Honors students should schedule an appointment with Dr. Jerry Myers at mchonors@stlcc.edu. to apply to the program.

*Students must submit an Honors application to be considered for the Honors program. Applications are accepted on a rolling basis throughout the semester in which the student first pursues honors credit.

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