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Meramec Honors

Mission Statement

Our mission is to prepare students for four-year institutions and the workplace by providing an enriched educational experience. We aim to transform students into scholars who value academic excellence, intellectual curiosity, leadership, and campus/community engagement.

How the mission is supported


Honors courses and contracts are designed to foster creative and critical thinking, promote research, and improve writing and communication skills.


Honors activities and events provide students with an opportunity to form personal relationships with peers, faculty, and staff. Honors students are encouraged to assume campus leadership positions and engage in projects through the Service Learning program.


"The Honors courses at St. Louis Community College provided me with a strong educational foundation which eased my transition to a four-year university. I recommend that serious students join the Honors program as it challenges students and encourages meaningful relationships between students and their professors." –Shaun D.

“I attribute a large part of my academic success to the Meramec Honors program. Through this program, I was able to further improve my writing, research, and critical thinking skills, which I believe will be of tremendous help as I continue my academic career at University Missouri-St. Louis. While at Meramec, I enrolled in honors classes and established honors contracts within my standard classes. I found both formats to be intellectually stimulating and rewarding, definitely worth the effort!”—Stephanie F.

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