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How to access your textbooks from Microsoft OneDrive

Getting your textbooks from STLCC’s OneDrive is super easy. You MUST have the email that was sent to you with the link to the file.

Open your email, and look for an email from Scott Armstead. It will look similar to the screenshot below:

screenshot of one drive email notice


In this example, the Book Give Me Liberty is available by clicking on either the file folder for Give Me Liberty, or the Open button. You should see the OneDrive Folder like the screenshot below:

File explorer view of folders inside of the Give Me Liberty book

Click on the Download button at the top of the screen I have circled it in Red. When you download your books from OneDrive, they are delivered in a “.zip” file. This is one file that contains all of the files that make up the book you are downloading.

screenshot of file explorer with the download button circled

You will then be presented with a screen prompting you for a save location In this case I chose to save my book in the Textbooks folder on my Desktop. In the lower section of the window there is a box for File Name: Change the file name to the name of your book. This will save you confusion in the next step, trust me! If you need help with creating a folder for your books contact Scott Armstead sarmstead7@stlcc.edu. Save the file here.

File explorer requesting save location


Navigate to the location that you saved your file to. In my example, it is on the desktop, in a folder called Textbooks. Double click on the file that is your book name. You will be presented with a file folder for extracting the book files. You can tell this because of the red tab marked Extract.

screenshot file explorer requesting where to extract files to


You will get the Extract interface:

screenshot of file explorer confirming extract to location

You could check the box for “Show extracted files when complete” and then click Extract at the bottom. When the extraction is complete the file explorer should pop up and show you your extracted files.

screenshot of file explorer showing book files on user computer

That’s IT! You have now downloaded and extracted your book files to your computer. You can use them as you normally would.

*Ally cannot read all file types. For these file types you may have to use another resource, such as Read and Write software. Read and Write is also available as a FREE download through Microsoft online store. Instructions for downloading and installing Read and Write can be found on the following webpage: https://stlcc.edu/student-support/disability-services/assistive-technology.aspx

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