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Registration and Medical Appeals

The registration and medical appeals process is a review of student records based on attendance, medical documentation, and circumstances that may justify an exception to the registration and enrollment procedures that are agreed upon when students apply to STLCC.

What is a Registration Appeal?

A registration appeal is granted with written documentation of substantiated circumstances involving deadlines or College processes that were incorrectly applied to the student. Please note printed or published material, such as registration forms, guide sheets, the Student Guide, class schedule information, web directions and the catalog take precedence over verbal information. Please note that appeals that are received after the withdrawal deadline for each course will require involvement from academic affairs, and/or the faculty member assigned to the course.

What is a Medical Appeal?

A medical appeal is granted with written documentation of an illness, accident, injury or situation which could not be influenced, planned for, or prevented by the student and which subsequently caused a change in the class schedule for that specific term. A medical withdrawal can only be granted once for any single condition or event. Medical problems that did not originate in the semester in which the withdrawal is being requested will be considered on a case-by-case basis. The medical condition must be the student’s and not a friend or family member and does not include occurrences of bereavement.


Registration and medical appeals must be submitted before the last day of the specific term being reviewed. For example, registration and medical appeals for spring must be submitted by the last date of the spring term.

Registration and medical appeals that do not meet this timeline will be reviewed at the discretion of the Registration and Medical Appeals Committee on a case-by-case basis when extenuating circumstances may warrant an extended timeline.

Refund/Financial Implications

If a registration/medical appeal is granted, applicable fees will be prorated based on the percentage of the class remaining at the onset of the medical condition and/or the student’s last date of attendance. An approved appeal may result in no refund due to financial obligations. If you have any outstanding debt with STLCC, refund of any payment made will be applied to that debt.

Registration/Medical Appeals Process Committee

  • The Registration/Medical Appeals Committee is the only body authorized to review appeals regarding registration. Your appeal will be forwarded to the Committee for review and final decision.
  • The committee meets monthly to review appeals and make decisions.
  • Registration/medical appeals are granted in extreme cases and when there are documented and compelling reasons to grant an exception to the College’s policies and/or procedures.
  • You will receive the committee’s decision via postal mail within 10 business days of their decision.
  • The decision made by the Registration/Medical Appeals Committee is final and cannot be further appealed.

Things to consider before submitting a Registration/Medical Appeal

  • Failure to attend class, incomplete course withdrawal or administrative withdrawal action does not constitute grounds for appeal.
  • Financial constraints or hardship does not constitute grounds for appeal.
  • Inadequate student technology devices including, software and hardware issues, do not constitute grounds for an appeal.
  • Employment and job scheduling conflicts do not constitute grounds for an appeal.
  • Occurrences of bereavement or illness of others does not constitute grounds for an appeal.
  • Misunderstanding of deadlines or policies do not constitute grounds for an appeal.
  • Disapproved financial aid does not constitute grounds for an appeal.
  • Unsatisfactory academic progress does not constitute grounds for an appeal.
  • Lack of preparation, employment changes, and vacation plans do not constitute grounds for an appeal.

Medical Criteria

Students submitting a request to withdraw from courses for medical reasons must be withdrawing from all courses in the term. Documentation for medical withdrawals must:

  • Be typed on physician’s letterhead with physician’s signature. Notes on prescription pads will not be accepted.
  • Show that the condition is new and began/occurred within the current term.
    Include specific dates of surgery, hospitalization treatment, accident, etc. within the current term and why the student cannot continue courses in the term.
  • Include the physician’s recommendation to discontinue all courses in the term.

Registration/Attendance/Other Criteria

Students submitting a request to withdraw from courses due to attendance errors, incorrect registration, or other administrative errors.

  • If you are submitting an appeal tied to a course withdraw, please include a completed Drop/Add/Withdrawal Form. This does not guarantee that the appeal is granted, but provides the required supporting documentation.

How to Submit a Registration/Medical Appeal

A registration/medical appeal needs to come directly from a student. Any electronic submissions must be made from the student’s my.stlcc.edu email account to ensure student identity verification.

  1. Fill out the Registration/Medical Appeals Form and return to an Enrollment Services Office on any campus or email regandmedappeal@stlcc.edu.
    Fill out the Registration/Medical Appeals Form
  2. Include all supporting documentation for the type of appeal you are requesting. All supporting documentation must be received at the same time you submit the Registration/Medical appeal form during the semester in question and before the end of the semester.
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